New Client Engagement with WRAY Consulting Group

Announcing New Client Engagement with WRAY Consulting Group 

Announcement! New Client Collaboration


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (27th October 2020) Since 1993 WRAY Consulting Group has been prominent in providing time tested models of leadership. They are at the forefront of creating engaging learning experiences for clients in a broad range of sectors: High Tech, Energy, Telecommunications, Financial and Manufacturing.

The factor that sets the company apart is how they are able to make change in a workplace and ensure that it sticks for the long term. They believe that making long lasting change within a company or organization can be very beneficial and vital for any business to carry on. Furthermore, the change needs to be implemented and encouraged by the company leaders to enforce it.

“You take a non-prescriptive approach and really absorb the organization’s culture to develop relevant, quality, and effective solutions.” – WRAY Consulting

WRAY Consulting Group is the originator of a transformational coaching program called MINDSHIFT Journey. Wray Consulting Group has engaged Petra Mayer & Associates Consulting to facilitate the shift into a cohesive online learning experience specifically for their program MINDSHIFT Journey For Coaches.  

Petra’s expertise in the strategy and creation of virtual training programs has provided benefits for learners and Wray Consulting Group alike. Both companies have a strong emphasis on leadership, prompting a promising collaboration between the two.

I am fascinated to be collaborating with other businesses to bring my experience and leadership qualities to different businesses across Canada.” says Petra Mayer, CEO and Sr. Consultant at Petra Mayer & Associates Consulting about her participation in the transformation of MINDSHIFT Journey into an engaging and interactive online program. “Leadership and shifting the mindset on a working environment stands as one of my core values and I am excited to grow both of our businesses together through this collaboration.” 

After only a few weeks of working together MINDSHIFT Journey for Coaches utilizing the interactive learning platform Learnworlds

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About Petra Mayer & Associates Consulting Inc.

Petra Mayer & Associates ConsultingPetra Mayer & Associates Consulting Inc. offers consulting and coaching services in Learning and Development such as consulting in learning program development and implementation of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and online course platforms. The founder, Petra Mayer demonstrates a strong passion for lifelong learning and constant development among any organisation she works with. 

Petra pays so much attention to detail and always ensures that she approaches her work with a positive mindset. She is also a great mentor and leader in her industry.” – says Christian Calandra. 


About WRAY Consulting and MINDSHIFT Journey

Wray Consulting Group LogoWRAY Group helps make goals a reality. There comes an urgency for their clients to break free from old habits and to discover how effective and strong leadership can go a long way in a business. Coaches and developed leaders participating in MINDSHIFT Journey will have overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs that have kept them from achieving their highest potential. 

WRAY Consulting Group aims for lasting results that matter through their transformational leadership program MINDSHIFT Journey. 

Mindshift Journey LogoLearn more about WRAY Group and MINDSHIFT Journey:

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