Choosing the Right LMS

A Guide for your Learning Management System project

How Do You Choose the Right Learning Management System?

This can be a tricky question for many organizations. At the beginning, you may ask questions like, ‘How do I know when I need a Learning Management System?’ or ‘What is the best Learning Management System?’. Once you have chosen an LMS, your next question will likely be “How do I implement a learning management system?’’. These are all great questions to be asking when deciding your learning management system strategy.

Our White Paper - Choosing the Right LMS, walks you through 7 Steps You Should Consider When Implementing a Learning Management System, answering questions along the way to help guide your decision making process.

What are the Steps to Implement a Learning Management System?

An improperly implemented LMS can be ineffective and frustrating to manage. That is why it is important to use a tried and tested process from the beginning of your LMS project until the end. 

Step 1: Needs Assessment

With a seemingly endless range of LMS options available in the eLearning market, starting with your must have list provides a clear picture of your true LMS needs.

Step 2: Feasibility Study

There is no ‘best learning management system’. The best LMS is one that caters to your LMS needs. Analyze the information you receive from LMS Vendors against your LMS needs assessment.

Step 3: Vendor Selection

Your LMS solution may come from an off the shelf system or a Learning Management System Consultant that can provide tailored solutions for your LMS needs.

Step 4: Implementation

You and your vendor will discuss responsibilities moving forward including the planning and design phases.

Step 5: Data Exchange

Your data is important and will need to be uploaded to the LMS System Software.

Step 6: Testing

Testing your Learning Management System throughout your project is vital to ensuring that your LMS strategy is successful.

Step 7: Launch

Ensure you are ready for launch by training your project team and communicating the next steps to all employees.

You can learn more about each of these steps in your free white paper below.

Why Hire a Learning Management Consultant?

If everything you have just read makes the task of choosing and implementing an LMS seem daunting, don’t worry. A LMS consultant can help take the stress out of the whole process. LMS consultants have experience with all steps of the process and can provide a level of focus for the project that internal teams may not be able to commit to.  

At Petra Mayer & Associates Consulting we pride ourselves in putting our clients first. Petra Mayer, Founder and CEO, is a consultant with extensive system implementation experience with a passion for learning and development. Read this case study to learn more about other LMS projects Petra has worked on.

Contact us for more information on the implementation of your Learning Management System, from the initial needs assessment to launch.

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