How to Create an Online Program

A Guide to create an Online Program that supports your Business Objectives

Why Create an Online Program?

If you are a consultant, coach, speaker, or author, chances are you are thinking about how to leverage your business resources. An online course or online program is a great way to strengthen your online business strategy while taking advantage of knowledge and intellectual property you already have.

By asking the right questions while you work through the process of creating an online program, you can ensure your online programs align with your overall business strategy. You can find these questions as well as our tried and tested 5 stage process that will guide you through developing an online program in our white paper.

How to Create an Online Program - White Paper

How to Create an Online Program - White Paper

What are the Stages to Create an Online Program?

Online course development can seem daunting at first but can be stripped down to 5 simple stages.

Stage 1: Strategy

Online programs must fit within your overall business strategy if you want to achieve maximum results.

Stage 2: Planning

There are many inputs that go into creating an online program: online course curriculum, online course delivery, online course structure, and they all must align with your objectives.

Stage 3: Creation

An ideal online program makes learning easy and enjoyable.

Stage 4: Technology

The online course platform you choose will require careful consideration as there are hundreds to choose from and they all have specific features and prices.

Stage 5: Launch

Just like any endeavour, the nature of your online program will dictate how best to launch and market your online course.

You can learn more about the 5 Stages to creating an online program by downloading the white paper below.

How Can I Get More From My Online Program?

An online expert is a great way to ensure that the courses you create reflect your knowledge and business strategy. They can also offer perspective and experience to your project by guiding you through the 5 stage process.

Petra Mayer of Petra Mayer & Associates Consulting is passionate about helping others develop programs that  are engaging, fun, and interesting for adults in the business environment. She has extensive experience in online programming and online course development making her an excellent mentor and coach through the process.

Don’t take our word for it, watch this interview with one of our clients who contacted Petra when he was looking to start an online program just like you!

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