Choosing the Right LMS

A Guide for your Learning Management System project

7 Steps to Consider When Implementing a Learning Management System

More and more organizations are discovering the benefits of implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) to ensure continuous learning and development of their employees, clients or distribution partners through an eLearning platform. 

This helps in keeping them engaged to improve performance. However as with any corporate trend, simply following suite without examining what you have signed up for could lead to frustration. 

This document covers the following 7 Steps you should consider when implementing an LMS in your organization. 

  1. Needs Assessment
  2. Feasibility Study
  3. Vendor Selection
  4. Implementation
  5. Data Exchange
  6. Testing
  7. Launch

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Providing your staff, clients and distribution network with learning opportunities is important. If you need a Learning Management System make sure you choose the right LMS to help you achieve your goals. 

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