Public Speaking

Are you looking for a speaker who can bridge the gap between heart-centred entrepreneurs and technology? Who can talk about building a business online without losing your audience with jargon and acronyms?

I am committed to bringing high value content to your small group workshops or large group stage.

Topic options:

FROM BIG IDEA TO BIG LEAP (How to Create Engaging Online Programs)

Before you take the BIG LEAP into online courses and group programs, let Petra steer you clear of the pitfalls she’s experienced and avoided herself. Petra will share how to move from big idea to big leap with some nuggets from her own personal experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • The ABCs of transformational program
  • Communication principles for engaging online programs
  • Planning programs that make an impact
  • Mistakes to avoid when creating your first online program (from my personal journey)
  • Speaker Petra Mayer


    Mistakes and missed opportunities can be a result of fear. Fear of change. Fear of failure. Fear of taking risks. Don’t stay stuck in the status quo. Learn to anticipate (and embrace) the transitions every business goes through while at the same time looking after your business’ financial health.

    Key Takeaways

    • Overview of business transitions
    • Mistake 1: Entrepreneurs don’t follow a clear business model
    • Mistake 2: Entrepreneurs don’t align cash-flow strategies with business transformation strategies
    • Mistake 3: Entrepreneurs don’t ask for help
    Workshop with Petra Mayer


    Are you still trading (your) hours for (their) dollars? There are only so many hours in a day and so many clients you can help by offering one-on-one services before you start to experience burnout. Develop a true-to-you business model that will provide you with greater freedom and balance in your life and help you make a greater impact in your community.

    Key Takeaways

    • The foundations of a leveraged business model
    • My M.A.P. Process to successfully transition to Online Success
    • The 3 mistakes entrepreneurs make during transition periods

    What my Hosts Say:

    Julie Davis, eWomen Network, Colorado Springs Chapter

    Petra Mayer traveled to speak at the Colorado Springs eWomenNetwork chapter and delivered some great unique content. We learned a bit about on-line programming and what we need to do to think about and get started on what we might need for our own businesses. Her expertise is deep, and the Q and A that she conducted post-event was truly genius. She is truly an expert and brings practical information with a great and personable delivery.

    Julie Davis, Managing Director, eWomen Network, Colorado Springs Chapter

    Managing Director

    eWomen Network, Colorado Springs Chapter

    Julie Davis, eWomen Network, Colorado Sprints Chapter

    Petra Mayer came to our Portland eWomenNetwork Chapter and shared her valuable information and insights into understanding the importance of creating an online presence. She also offered a valuable workshop that went deeper and clarified the steps needed to having an online presence and evaluate where you are at in your business and what steps need to be taken.  Petra has a lovely personality that makes everyone feel valued and listened to. I would highly recommend having Petra come speak to your group or take one of her workshops.

    Stephanie Arnheim, eWomen Network Portland

    Executive Managing Director

    eWomen Network, Portland Chapter

    Michela Quilici, eWomen Network, Vancouver Chapter

    Petra Mayer is one of those rare gems who is best in class when it comes to helping business owners bridge the gap from working in the job they’ve built for themselves to creating the lifestyle they envision for themselves. From an event planner perspective, Petra is an absolute joy to work with. Her big heart and generous spirit are balanced by her high integrity and professionalism. She delivers great value with her message, inspiring audiences to think bigger and make their dream a reality.

    Michela Quilici

    Executive Managing Director

    eWomen Network, Vancouver Chapter

    Previous Speaking Engagements

    Apart from hosting her own workshops, Petra Mayer has spoken at numerous events in North America, including:

    • Connect Now, Coquitlam, BC
    • eWomen Network Vancouver, BC
    • eWomen Network Calgary, AB
    • eWomen Network Charlotte, NC, USA
    • eWomen Network Victoria, BC
    • eWomen Network Portland, OR, USA
    • eWomen Network Vancouver, WA, USA
    • eWomen Network Reno, NV, USA
    • eWomen Network Colorado Springs, CO, USA
    • eWomen Network Denver, CO, USA
    • ICF Vancouver, BC
    • International Coaching Federation, Vancouver, BC
    • Life and Business Success Summit, Vancouver, BC
    • Mompreneurs, Vancouver, BC
    • Professional Women’s Network, Vancouver, BC
    • Speaker Success Formula, Event Mastery, Vancouver, BC
    • Valley Women’s Network, Surrey, Delta, BC
    • Valley Women’s Network, Tricity, BC
    • Vancouver Business Network, Vancouver, BC
    • YVR Authors Group, Vancouver, BC