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At Petra Mayer & Associates Consulting, we embrace the power of teamwork as the cornerstone of our success. Together, we bring an unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled support to our clients, ensuring that their needs are met in the most comprehensive manner possible. Our combined experience is the foundation upon which we build, ensuring that every service we provide is of the highest quality. Together, we are not just consultants, we are dedicated partners in your journey towards success, offering a level of service that is truly unmatched.

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Meet the Team

Dr. Zechariah McLaren, PH.D

Zechariah, born in Vancouver and raised in Northern BC, embarked on a journey beyond his small community to gain a global perspective. With over 25 years in senior leadership roles in higher education across Canada and the Middle East, Zak's expertise spans a diverse array of fields, including English, Engineering, Health, Education, Business, and Technology. He holds a Masters of Education in Educational Technology from the University of Southern Queensland, as well as a Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Curriculum and Instructional Leadership, complemented by numerous technology-related qualifications and certifications.

Zak's professional experience has taken him around the world, collaborating with a wide range of public and private organizations. His contributions to innovative and entrepreneurial learning solutions have positively impacted tens of thousands of individuals.

Image of Dr. Zechariah McLaren

LMS Consultant

Dr. Zechariah McLaren, PH.D


Kathy is a learning professional with over five years of learning and development project management experience. She has worked with stakeholders from the public, private and non-profit sector to deliver training programs, executive panels, and webinars.

Recently she led the D2L Brightspace LMS implementation and configuration project at Toronto Centre (TC). She is also our primary course developer for SelfDesign Learning Foundation.

Kathy holds a Masters in Political Science from the University of Waterloo. She is passionate about helping others and seeks to support organizations as they work towards achieving their objectives.

Kathy Nguyen headshot

L&D Consultant

Kathy Nguyen

kyle holDen

Kyle lends his learning and development expertise to working with some of the largest companies in the world, including Nestle and Boston Beer. He holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology and is a certified professional coach.

Kyle has extensive experience working with organizations in the private sector and public sectors, creating and delivering engaging training programs and managing Learning Systems.

Kyle lives with his wife and daughter in Easton, Pennsylvania, United States. Kyle and his family enjoy their time together in the afternoons and spend much of it outside where they can be found going for neighbourhood walks, playing with rocks, or drawing with chalk in the driveway.

Image of Kyle Holden at a table

Course Author

Kyle Holden

monika becker

Monika is the Founder of Clear Directions Coaching, a boutique coaching & training firm in North Vancouver BC, Canada, where she serves her clients as a Leadership Coach and Trainer, and a Self-Healing Dalian Method Facilitator. Monika has a background as a Horticultural Engineer, Sales Center Team Lead, Translator, and IT Contractor, and eventually found her passion and purpose in the field of transformational coaching, training, and self-healing – with a “Whole Self” perspective.

With her 15+ years of experience in the personal and professional development realm, Monika now focuses on supporting business owners, corporate leaders, and their teams in resolving their internal and external struggles. Through her uniquely personal yet extremely practical approach, Monika supports her clients in transforming into the next best version of themselves and becoming more authentic, confident, impactful, and fulfilled as a result.

Monika is a graduate of the ‘Coaching for Excellence’ program at Rhodes Career College (Vancouver BC), a trained Self-Healing Dalian Method Facilitator, a three-times published author (one Amazon best-seller), and an international speaker.

Monika Becker

Project Manager

Monika Becker

vraya forrest

Vraya brings her expertise to our team as our Marketing Coordinator. With a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing from Camosun College, Vraya brings a solid foundation in marketing strategy and execution to our team.

Vraya leads marketing initiatives across diverse industries and organizations across the Canadian landscape. She is passionate about staying at the forefront of marketing trends, ensuring our team remains innovative and forward-thinking.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Vraya finds solace in the natural beauty of Vancouver Island. She enjoys spending quality time outdoors, with her two dogs.

Vraya Forrest headshot

Marketing Coordinator

Vraya Forrest