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How to Create Effective Training Programs with the Big Leap Bootcamp®

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What is the Big Leap Bootcamp®?

Welcome to our intensive training framework designed to develop your Subject Matter Experts into exceptional Instructional Designers! Our program equips your team with the necessary tools to create and deploy high-value e-learning content, enabling them to design, create, and implement valuable learning materials in your designated Learning Management System.


Our objective is to empower your Subject Matter Experts with the skills they need for successful curriculum development, including designing and creating meaningful learning experiences that engage and inspire your learners. Through our program, your team will gain the expertise necessary to produce effective and efficient e-learning content that meets the needs of your organization's curriculum.

Join us today and take the first step towards empowering your team with the skills they need to succeed in today's dynamic curriculum development landscape!

Empower Your Subject Matter Experts with Effective Curriculum Development Skills

  • Empower your Subject Matter Experts with the necessary expertise and support to produce high-quality educational materials that captivate learners.
  • Enhance course delivery and improve success metrics through the use of attractive, high-value content that engages learners.
  • Equip your course creators with a sustainable training curriculum development process, enabling them to produce effective and efficient e-learning content that meets your organization's business objectives.
Helping your Subject Matter Experts to create engaging training

Our program empowers your Subject Matter Experts with the following skills:

  • Identifying your target audience's needs and aligning content through effective curriculum development, ensuring that your educational materials are tailored to meet their specific needs and preferences.
  • Creating engaging learning content from initial concept to delivery, handling every step of the process with care and precision.
  • Confidently selecting the tools to use for course creation, producing high-quality learning materials that engage and inspire learners.
Curriculum Creation for Subject Matter Experts
  • Mastering the ability to structure content and create engaging materials, resulting in educational materials that captivate and inspire learners.
  • Effectively changing behaviours and positively impacting your organization's bottom line through engaging and effective learning activities.
  • Considering the use of AI tools to speed up course planning and content creation.

How does it work?

The Big Leap Bootcamp® Mentorship program is designed to train and coach your Subject Matter Experts in curriculum development, course design, and LMS implementation. With a focus on customized learning, our program supports participants with regular virtual group sessions and one-on-one mentorship sessions.

Our program is delivered on demand for 2-6 participants per cohort, providing in-depth insights into instructional design, course authoring, and LMS implementation. Through our mentorship program, your team will gain the skills and knowledge they need to create effective learning content that engages learners and achieves your organization's learning objectives.

Mentorship program

Participants in the Big Leap Bootcamp® Mentorship program rate support provided by PMAC a solid 5 out of 5!

What My Clients Say:

David C. Bentall

Family Enterprise Advisor

Next Step Advisors

"I have been working with Petra for several months. During this time, she has been spearheading the development of a new on-line training program for family enterprise successors.

Petra is a gifted leader and project manager, who brings organization and skill to the field of training and development. She is bold, imaginative and a true team player. I can recommend her without reservation."

Lucie Raymond, FCM GMF
Lucy Raimond

Senior Manager Continuous Improvement

FCM | Green Municipal Fund

"I had the pleasure of working with Petra on a mentorship program designed to empower our team to develop courses and make informed decisions in course design. Petra and her team provided invaluable guidance and support along the way, helping them to create efficient learning experiences for the users.


Throughout the duration of the training, Petra demonstrated strong expertise in curriculum development and course design and provided valuable insights and best practices. Her approach was clear and well-structured which helped us to achieve our goals."

Shawn Gardener
Shawn Gardener

Director, Business Solutions

Chandos Development

"For this project our objective was twofold. To simultaneously develop a curriculum for a specific training topic while exploring and learning the process of building curriculums.

The most valuable outcome for us was the understanding of the process and the overall realization of the significant difference in the outcome between the end result of this process as compared to how we approached training course development in the past.

As we have a significant amount of training to build, and update, and rebuild as processes and systems change, having a practical approach to use consistently will help us deliver effective content faster and more reliably."

Case Study

In this example we describe how we helped the Subject Matter Experts in a Construction Firm following a process documentation project on creating a curriculum for a high priority topic. 

In this example we took a team of Subject Matter Experts through the creation of curriculum for the courses they are tasked to develop.  After helping them to establish their course outline, we provided guidance in course creation on their LMS

To Sum It Up:

The Big Leap Bootcamp® is designed to provide your team with the tools and support necessary to create engaging and effective learning content that inspires learners to succeed. Join us today and take the first step towards empowering your team with the skills they need to succeed in today's dynamic learning landscape!

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