The Ultimate Guide To Workplace Culture

From Measuring Employee Experience to Building Your Employer Brand

Why focus on workplace culture? 

It is no longer enough to provide job opportunities. Attracting the right talent, providing desirable employee experiences and creating workplace cultures are challenges that not only HR professionals face these days. The real differentiator between organizations who build great workplaces and the rest, is the effectiveness of their action planning and implementation efforts. A workplace culture that leads to a great employee experience can not be built in a day. It requires sustained investment of time and energy by everyone in the organization. 

Our white paper, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Workplace Culture’ lays the foundation for a thriving workplace culture in your organization.

What is workplace culture?

In simple terms, workplace culture is the sum of all the practices followed, behaviours displayed and expectations laid out in the organization; regardless if formalized in an employee policy book, or a result of informal understanding between employees. Workplace culture is best created with input from employees on all levels, and well documented.

Workplace culture is influenced by employer branding. So, creating a great differentiated employer brand increases the likelihood of employees wanting to be part of your organization. Once in the organization, employees are at the centre of your cultural ecosystem. They live and experience the workplace culture daily. Therefore it is critical to measure employee experience in order to define your workplace culture.

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How can I improve my workplace culture?

To build your workplace culture requires a targeted action planning process. Many organizations consider partnering with a consultant to bring in the capacity and objectivity required and add a certain level of rigour and discipline to the process.

At Petra Mayer & Associates Consulting we partner with organizations in their action planning journey with a process that is adapted to the project team’s requirements. Our unique approach combines the employee experience feedback data with business goals to design a customized action planning roadmap that is practical and realistic.

As Accredited Professionals for Great Place To Work® we recommend the Great Place to Work® Trust Index© for clients new to collecting employee experience data or those wanting a change, which provides the added benefit of certification as a Great Place To Work®.

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