Creating an Inclusive and Supportive Work Environment With New Client in Gaming Industry

Vancouver, British Columbia (November 29th, 2021)– Petra Mayer of Petra Mayer & Associates Consulting is thrilled to announce a new working relationship with a client in the video gaming industry by assembling programs and content that cater to the unique needs of their leaders. These programs will maximize engagement and value for their team.

“We are excited to be working with an innovative video gaming developer based in Canada.” says Petra Mayer, CEO and Sr. Consultant at Petra Mayer & Associates Consulting, “The collation of learning resources will help their team take their professional and personal development into their own hands.”

Petra Mayer has extensive experience working with organizations to help foster a positive and inclusive environment through programs and learning resources. This client is showing great initiative by taking the steps to ensure that everyone on their team feels comfortable when learning. Together, their partnership is creating a more inclusive and supportive gaming industry.

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Petra Mayer & Associates Consulting Inc. offers consulting and coaching services in Learning and Development such as consulting in learning program development and implementation of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and online course platforms. The founder, Petra Mayer demonstrates a strong passion for lifelong learning and constant development among any organization she works with.


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