Why Your Business Should Engage in Social Media Marketing

By Shawn Byrne: Shawn Byrne is the founder and CEO of My Biz Niche, an Arizona-based digital marketing company that has achieved superior results for their clients. Before My Biz Niche, Shawn worked for Venture Capitalists where he built a private portfolio of e-commerce and informational websites that generate revenue through various digital marketing strategies.

Digital Media Advertising Trends

For the longest time, traditional marketing has been the go-to platform for businesses who want to spread the word about their products and services. The role, however, has long been taken over by digital marketing, which counts social media as one of its most essential aspects.

Today, it seems odd for a business to not engage in social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. With all of the benefits that these social media marketing channels bring, it’s safe to say that zero social media engagement practically means missing out on all the good stuff.

Billions of people use social media platforms on a daily basis. For entrepreneurs and marketers, just reaching just the tiniest portion of that figure would be enough to send them to business nirvana. By establishing a presence on social media, your business will be more visible to social media users. With that kind of visibility, you’ll have a much better chance of generating leads and converting them.

Social Media Accounts as communication platform

Through your business’ social media accounts, you should also be able to answer questions and converse with existing customers and potential ones alike. Social media can definitely give you a chance to form relationships with your audience, and it’s one of the best ways of improving brand awareness and fostering brand loyalty.

The cost-effectivity of social media marketing is also one of the best things it has going for it. Advertising in social media is far less costly than going for TV, radio, and print ads, but potential results could be significant just the same.

Set up a social media profile for your business now so you can jump on the social media marketing bandwagon and benefit from it. And if you’re thinking about giving social media advertising a try, check out the following infographic about the performance of the different social media platforms among various demographic groups.

Infographic - Social Media Advertising - User Trend By Demograph

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