Virtualization in the Corporate World

VirtualizationThe year 2020 brought with it many things, but mostly the need for Virtualization. Now, in 2021 many businesses are on-boarding virtual training and furthering education programs for their employees. This has created a demand for Virtualization across many industries including the corporate world. For this month, we are going to look into what Virtualization is and how it can benefit the corporate world.

What is Virtualization?

Virtual learning has many different names, platforms and purposes. Using a computer and/or web-based platforms, Virtualization is a learning experience that has no geographical boundaries. If you have a computer or mobile device, you can learn anywhere. You might know virtual learning from online programs in a school setting. Corporations and other organizations also see their investment in virtual learning as a cost-effective and highly engaging alternative to onsite and in-person training with their employees.

Virtualization is Not a New Idea— But, It Is a Good One.

With the growing need for virtual learning models in the modern world, businesses are finding the benefits of Virtualization a no-brainer. But, there are always things to consider when choosing to go virtual. Listed below are considerations your organization should take into account if you have not already gone the route of Virtual Learning:

  • The cost of software and/or devices
  • The effort of creating virtual content
  • Access to pre-recorded videos and virtual programs to be used as training material
  • Hiring a third-party to assist in transitioning previous versions of training to virtual content
  • Overall Return on Investment (ROI) and the overall impact

With all these things now put into consideration, the benefits in Virtualization outweigh any negatives. Furthermore, by putting the learner first and providing a tailored learning process you have already made a great decision. With any investment, the return is what matters in the end.

Virtually Beneficial

With Virtualization, the level of skill in your team and their individual needs are addressed. As well, the different learning styles of your employees and/or students are taken into consideration in a safe and secure environment. Furthermore, as you are ensuring your staff are taken care of, your business saves hours and dollars by:

  • Enabling a varied and engaged learning strategy in a professional environment
  • Minimizing on-the-job mistakes—allowing trainees to practice high-skilled and complex tasks in a simulated environment with opportunities to make mistakes
  • Increasing productivity—on-the-job training creates a link for the learning employee and gives the information context, while virtual learning ensures the reinforcement of the learning to happen as it is needed.

During the month of February, Petra Mayer and Associates Consulting will be touching on this subject to share knowledge on Virtualization. Whatever the purpose may be for your organization to move to a virtual learning platform, there are many resources out there to provide guidance and information, and we are here to help you in every step of your Virtual Journey.

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