Interview on Brain Lady Speaks: Engaging Online Programs

The brain is a marvellous thing! And Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson has been exploring the brain and how it impacts what makes us successful for over 20 years. Julie has launched her own Radio Show “Brain Lady Speaks”, and I was very humbled to be asked to speak on her show about Engaging Online Programs. What has that got to do with the brain? Very much so. Understanding how people think and what engages them is extremely important when we create Online Programs.

Listen to this podcast interview to learn about how different learning styles impact how people engage with your online and in-person material. Find out how to ask the right questions when you are creating your online material and learn about the six essentials to get in place to make this work in your business.

In this interview, I explored questions such as:

  • Why are Online Programs so important in your business?
  • What is different when you create Online Programs versus your live events and workshops?
  • How do you make Online Programs engaging?
  • How do you get started if you want to add Online Programs to your business?

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About the author 

Petra Mayer