How To Create Impactful Online Programs

How to create an online program that makes an impact

I was asked for a virtual interview with Tom Bailey, Founder of Succeed Through Speaking and the Flow & Grow Expert Interviews podcast, about my recommendations for creating impactful online programs. Through the interview, I noticed that I kept returning to the same fundamental idea: course creators want to create an online program that makes an impact on their clients but often struggle with how to make this happen.

Does This Sound Familiar?

If you are a course creator, do these two things sound familiar?

  1. You have reached a plateau in your business and are struggling to grow.
  2. You are on a constant roller coaster of trying to find new clients, working hard for those clients, then starting the process all over again.

If either of these statements rings true, there is a way to boost your business results and create an impactful online program.

Creating Impactful Online Programs

Creating an online program does not need to be difficult but in order to be impactful, you need to consider some groundwork.

Define Your Ideal Audience

For your online program to make an impact, you need to clearly define an audience that you can truly connect with and an audience you can help. This is the first and most important step in creating impactful online programs.

Develop a Proven System

Working with your ideal audience is incredibly important because you can begin to tweak your processes to have the greatest impact. In doing that, you can develop a proven system that is repeatable and delivers results.

Offer Scaleable Services

Once you have your audience and operations nailed down, it’s time to start thinking about scalable services. These will look different for each professional advisor. You could create a coaching program, a training program, a mentoring program, or any combination in between. The benefit of scaleable services is that you receive passive income, get new leads, and increase your rates for one on one advising.

How Can We Help You Create Impactful Online Programs?

I often hear from advisors that they don’t see the value in working with another consultant when they already are one themselves. But there is a lot of benefits to working with a consultant, the largest being that it can be very helpful and often important to get an outside neutral perspective from someone who is experienced in that field. This experience can help you save money on systems you don’t need, feedback on the programs you’re developing and reduce the feeling of overwhelm. Reach out to learn more about what we can do for you.

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