Case Study: Trade Training


This is an ELearning case study for a trade training.

The situation

Rocky Mountaineer is a highly recognizable tourism operator and the high-end train travel through the Canadian Rockies. Rocky Mountaineer distributes travel packages directly to guests as well as through travel agents and wholesalers around the world.

Not many travel agents will ever have the opportunity to travel on the Rocky Mountaineer and lack of product knowledge can get in the way of effective client consultation.

On site training is cost prohibitive for Rocky Mountaineer. Rocky Mountaineer desire to create an online educational product for travel agents around the world, so they may advise the clients on product features and destination benefits at the same time, leading to increased bookings.

The objectives

  • Provide engaging online training for a growing number of travel agents worldwide
  • Provide travel agents with certificates as they progress through the training
  • Enable the internal team to easily maintain the training as the product changes, and
  • Use a solution that is within a tight budget.

Despite the uncertainty of the number of users. My role in this project was an external consultant role. I initially started an internal needs analysis and then looked for a suitable software solutions.

I worked with the content providers, internal content providers, and I uploaded the content, which was the text based on slide presentations, video content, audio content and quizzes which I created myself.

I then also manage the solution rollout and handover to the internal team, who is now maintaining this program. Brainshark was the chosen solution for its flexibility and simplicity. Brainshark offered a licensing agreement that was affordable for Rocky Mountaineer. Given the uncertainty of usage numbers. It also provided an easy application that the internal team at Rocky Mountaineer can maintain without the need of coding or E-Learning software tools.

Here are the learning objectives for Module 101. History, a brief chronicle of Rocky Mountain years early days and the challenges of running a privately owned and operated all day light tourist train operation.

As a result 1000s of travel agents enjoy the training by Rocky Mountaineer every year.

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