Case Study: Technology E-Learning Videos


This is an elearning case study for a property management company. A property management firm in Vancouver acquires a competitor and prepares to onboard the new staff members and equip them with new hardware and software.

The IT department is tasked with setting up a learning environment in which the new staff can feel welcome and supported. In addition to in person training, they outsource the creation of a video library to a company specializing in leadership and team development.

The objectives

Create a library of short videos, each video should be a maximum of two minutes in length.

Each video to provide easy access to knowledge about a specific hardware or software topic, specifically software that the new staff members will use every day.

The videos and accompanying one sheets are made available on the intranet and very important to this company was a consistent and strong branding.

My role

My role for this project was the video creation. I advise the client on the storyboard for each individual video. These videos were created over a longer period of time as new software and hardware was brought into the company. After the storyboard was agreed I did the screen recording and sometimes incorporated images. Then I created the scripts for the narrators and exported the file ultimately for the intranet upload. The narrator received the files from me and added the voiceover recording. The files were ultimately uploaded to the company’s intranet.


First I will show you how to access these files and applications online in the cloud. Go to and sign in.

The outcome

The result was a library of 30 videos made available and enabled the client to provide immediate help for new staff members who struggle with new hardware and software upon their transition to make it easier to settle into this new company and the new employer.

About the author 

Petra Mayer