Finally, the wait and confusion is over! You are about to discover a step-by-step process to identify your ideal client, attract them to you and create long-term profitable relationships with them so you can build a scalable online business giving you the freedom you seek.

How to Build a Strong Foundation of Your Freedom Business without the Confusion, Procrastination, Frustration and the Delays from Doing It Alone

Join this small group program of like-minded entrepreneurs and overcome the common hurdles that entrepreneurs face, who want to set up a new online business

Fellow Freedom Seeker,

I hear this all the time, so I have to ask.

Is marketing sucking up too much of your time while you’re aching to be helping people instead?

Are you confused, don't really know where your business is supposed to take you, leaving you unmotivated and tired?

Are you tired of looking for clients over and over again, and when you do find them, you see them leave again, instead of working with you over a long period of time?

Is the constant confusion of how to scale your business to a more rewarding model eating at you and leaving you with the bitter taste of disappointment in yourself?

And to top it all off, do you find yourself longing for the freedom to spend the time you want on the things and people you love most?

Petra Mayer

Then you're not alone...and this small group program is for you!

You see, my passion is to help service professionals such as you to build what I call the “Freedom Business”, a business model that helps you create the life style you want for yourself and your loved ones while serving your clients in an even deeper way and spreading your message further.

Does that sound like the sort of help you could use? It should, especially if:

  • You feel you're burning out from too much work for too little outcome.
  • You know that you want to change your revenue model but you have no idea how to go about it.
  • You admit – deep inside – that you never actually did get a solid foundation for your online business model
  • You're sick of being afraid to let go of the security of what you have and ready to reach for something better.

Now is the time to join other entrepreneurs and save your seat in the "Power On! Your Freedom Biz" small group program to overcome what has been holding you back and start on your exciting journey to build your Freedom Business.

Click the “Save My Seat” button right now so you don’t miss this opportunity.

Just Imagine!

Imagine if you had a solid vision for your business that would motivate you to reach your goals.

Imagine if you knew exactly how your ideal customer thinks and feels and there would be no guess work about the type of programs and services you develop.

Imagine how your prospect will self-identify as your ideal client, coming to you, wanting to work with you.

Imagine how having a step-by-step process will help you move forward without second guessing yourself, building a business that provides you with more freedom every day.

Imagine how your family will love your new freedom too!

Imagine how you are going to use this time – may be travelling and working from abroad or simply spending more time with your loved ones.

"Power On! Your Freedom Biz" can be your best next step towards setting the foundation for your Freedom Business.

Petra Mayer

My name is Petra Mayer and I am your Online Business Mentor.


When I started on this journey in my business, I made many mistakes. The biggest mistake was that I thought I could do this myself. I created not only one program that was meant to be failing, I did this twice (for good measure, so to speak…).


Only once I realized I had to connect with others who have travelled on this path before was I able to create engaging and successful Online Programs myself.


And admittedly, I was more driven by the end goal – having amazing online programs – than I was by setting up a solid foundation for my business. The result was that I had to play catch-up to put those foundational pieces in place so I could market my programs effectively and effortlessly.


I realized there are many entrepreneurs just like me who want to have a business that provides them with freedom of location and freedom of time, while at the same time providing them with more income. And as I find out frequently, they too are often by-passing setting up their basics by the desire to build their programs faster – often leading to a delay in successful program launches.


And that is why I created Power On! Your Freedom Biz, a small group live online program to help you build that foundation so that the launch of your programs and services can fall on futile grounds.


This program incorporates not only my education as Certified Professional Coach with an MBA and the years of self-development programs and business courses that I have had the privilege to attend, it also includes the experience of my clients and their constant feedback.

In this 12 week small group program you will:

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    Develop your strategic vision for your business that will pull you towards your success.
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    Get to know your ideal client on a deep level so you can build the programs they will love to purchase.
  • check
    Develop an enticing free gift that will attract your ideal client to you.
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    Experience how to make best use of video in the safe environment of the group so you can draw attention to that freebie.
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    Learn what is required to get your lead magnet online and build your list.
  • check
    Develop your marketing plan for traffic generation and growth.

Join me for


In this 12 week small group program you will follow this step-by-step system to develop and launch your lead generation blueprint:


What you will learn during the course:

In a mix of online learning at your convenience and weekly live web training meetings you will progress through these guided steps.  With my support and the support of my team (if you choose to accept their amazing implementation options) you can not only learn what to do, you can actually get it done.

Understanding your vision and your ideal client provides you with the foundation of your business model. Follow the guidance and build out your lead generation yourself, with your own resources or engage with my team who can help you with design, copywriting and technology. 

This is your opportunity to walk away with the same foundational elements that every online entrepreneur depends on today...

Consider the many opt-ins you may have registered for! They have been driving millions of dollars of revenue for the seasoned Information Marketer like Jeff Walker (who considers course creators to be the future of education), Lisa Sasevich, the Queen of Sales Conversion herself, who transformed her company from a shoebox to a multi-million dollar coaching business by creating products and running 1-to-many teleseminars or any of the mentors you may be following online.

The thing to remember is that no matter how large you want your business to grow, you still need the same foundation. And "Power On! Your Freedom Biz" is designed specifically to help you build that foundation and get the blueprint to create your success online.

That holds true whether:

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    Develop your strategic vision for your business that will pull you towards your success.
  • check
    Get to know your ideal client on a deep level so you can build the programs they will love to purchase.
  • check
    Learn what is required to get your lead magnet online and build your list.

Whatever your situation, you'll discover the foundational elements you need for success in an online space...you'll learn what I was fortunate to learn through my 20+ years of experience in business strategy, marketing, coaching, training and program creation.

Over the years, I've been fortunate to help a large number of clients make big gains in their businesses, from cutting through the fog of strategy options out there, to knowing with certainty what to do next…

......and then supporting them to actually get it done!

Now is the time to join other entrepreneurs and save your seat in the "Power On! Your Freedom Biz" small group program to overcome what has been holding you back and start on your exciting journey to build your Freedom Business.

Click the “Save My Seat” button right now so you don’t miss this opportunity.

And I've packed everything I've learned along the way into this new program for you.

To get just a glimpse of the kind of results I'm talking about, just listen to some of my clients' experiences of working with me:

Power On! Your Freedom Biz and Crystallize Your Niche was a great combination, and I could not have done it without also going through Crystallize Your Niche. Crystallize Your Niche was a brilliant bonus in that way. One of the things I really appreciated about this course is that you are accessible to ask questions. […] I could have never done this course as a self help online course. I like the fact that I can send you an email or that I can ask you a question. It is just the fact that you are accessible and that we can sound ideas of you and that you help us move forward.


Brenda Smit, Your Book Catalyst

I think this course, including Crystallize Your Niche, is really a foundational course that every business person should take in order to establish themselves in today’s marketing life.

Antonia van Becker, Self Health Institute

Here is how this will work:


 Your Foundational Success System

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    Access to Online Training modules delivered in 8 perfectly spaced training calls
  • check
    Daily personal feedback on your Forum Posts
  • check
    Weekly Online Hotline Events to clarify any open questions
  • check
    Access to recordings of all group meetings
  • check
    Small group allows every person to be heard
  • check
    Personal coaching on the call and in the forum
  • check
    Program specific Facebook Group for additional support and group interaction

Can’t wait to get started?
Let me shorten the wait for you!

Are you ready to jump in and can’t wait to start "Power On! Your Freedom Biz"? Well, I can’t wait to see you either so I would like to offer you these helpful additional bonuses included in your program investment:

BONUS #1: Crystallize Your Niche

Crystallize Your Niche is a powerful self study program that will enable you to define your ideal client personas in detail.


My clients always absolutely LOVE this program and they only realize how valuable it is once they have completed their many exercises as guides to define their ideal clients and their avatars.

Everything makes more sense after you have completed this course.

Value: $497

BONUS #2: Monthly Q&A Sessions: Strategy Power Hour

The program start date might still be a while away or you may want to hang out with me a little beyond the 8 weeks.

And I want to support you in doing so. And that is why I invite you to join Strategy Power Hour – my monthly online Q&A Session. These online live sessions are reserved for my clients only. Simply sign up to receive the notifications for upcoming events and gain access to the recordings.

I can’t wait to see you there! You will have access for six months of these valuable web meetings.

Value: $497

BONUS #3: Discounted access to my Support Team

I know that many of my clients have different challenges when it comes to the delivery of the plan we are working on.

And that is why I have secured the support of three partners who can help with design, copy writing and the technical piece of putting it all together.

As a participant in this program you will receive Value Vouchers in the total amount of $1,025 that you can use for services provided by my three partners.

Value: $1,025

BONUS #4: Access to the Power On! Your Freedom Biz Facebook Group

I like to over-deliver when it comes to ensuring that my clients have all the support they need.

The Power On! Your Freedom Biz Facebook Group is designed to provide ongoing connection to myself, and the community.

The membership to this group will never expire so you can meet with those who have done the program before you and those who will follow.

Value: Priceless

These bonuses are already extremely valuable in their own right. And so is "Power On! Your Freedom Biz". Let me show you the overall value:

Power On! Your Freedom Biz: $2,497

Crystallize Your Niche Home Study Course: $497

12 Online Hotline Events to clarify any questions: $750

Access to six months of monthly Strategy Power Hour: $497

Marketing Services Discounts $1,025

Total value $5,267

Your investment: $2,497


OR: 1 payment of $997 and 2 payments of $800

(choose the Payment Plan in the purchase option for your first payment of $997)

Now is the time to join other entrepreneurs and save your seat in the "Power On! Your Freedom Biz" small group program to overcome what has been holding you back and start on your exciting journey to build your Freedom Business.

Click the “Save My Seat” button right now so you don’t miss this opportunity.

But I must warn you. I can only deliver this level of support and value to an intimate number of entrepreneurs at a time.

This means that I have to cap participation to only 20 seats!

So why the warning? Because I have a lineup of satisfied clients and their friends who are ready to book those limited number of seats.

In other words, if you’re at all considering attending, you need to get your name in now, before the door of opportunity swings shut.

And if we haven’t met or worked together yet, rest assured you’ll receive the same level of business transforming benefits and personal support I’ve been delivering over all my years of helping entrepreneurs like yourself successfully create the business freedom they’re looking for.

Now, as much as I know you'd love to be 1 of the attendees who benefit from that steeply discounted rate, I want to make this an even easier decision for you with my:

100% Risk Free "Save Your Seat"
3-Day Money Back Guarantee

This way you can't go wrong signing up today for the Power On! Your Freedom Biz.

Because, first, you'll save your seat so you can avoid coming back later and finding out the last spot has already been taken.

And second, you still have a full 3 days to get all your money back if you change your mind.

Just let me know, and you can have a complete and total refund. That's my guarantee to you.

100% Money Back Guarantee

The program is really well structured with a great mix of tools and resources. The combination of video and written content allowed me to dig deeper, not just stay on the surface. The weekly calls were really helpful and provided a comfortable environment to share ideas and insights. The group was small enough for all of us to speak openly and large enough to get cross-industry perspectives.


Pauline Tonkin,  My BC Mortgage

I love the systematic approach and this program was really very much business coaching. It went beyond the actual course and allowed me to work on this in my own time and come back after vacation and click on “continue”.

Yvonne Laanstra

Yvonne Laanstra, Staging Calgary

I feel like the Lead Magnet that came out of this course was only because of the work we did with the ideal client. For me, just starting out, this puts me way ahead of other people who are just starting out. […] And I did some work on the Soap Opera Sequence of Emails. […] You can read about something in a book for so long but actually having to take the time to do something on the worksheet, made such a difference. Now I have them.

Jennifer Radke, I wish I Were Me

It’s really valuable to having the tools and I know I’ll go back to these tools again and again as we are going through the next couple of years of expanding our market.

Greg Lee, Self Heath Institute

Petra Mayer

Your Online Business Mentor

I’m not sharing these testimonials to brag but I am sharing so you know the important transformation you can expect to enjoy in your own business when you have an experienced guide holding your hand.

One of the biggest keys to success is taking action! We both know that the fortune favors the bold, so don’t wait - take your first step right now, while seats are still available.

I am looking forward to working with you to set up the foundation that will make your online business successful.

Now is the time to join other entrepreneurs and save your seat in the "Power On! Your Freedom Biz" small group program to overcome what has been holding you back and start on your exciting journey to build your Freedom Business.

Click the “Save My Seat” button right now so you don’t miss this opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Still have questions? I want to make absolutely sure you get the answers you need. And the easiest way for that to happen is to sign up for my no-fee Get Acquainted Call.  Click that link to signup right now. You’ll be glad you reached out.

Remember, only a small number of entrepreneurs will get all they need to build the  foundation to their freedom business and you will want to save your seats early.

Here is why you would want to register now for "Power On! Your Freedom Biz":

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    Book early to ensure you will have access to Power On! Your Freedom Biz. Only 20 seats are available!
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    Research shows that those who procrastinate are less likely to achieve their goals and make their business successful. Stop procrastinating and register now!
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