Lead Magnet Generation

How To Grow Your List Of Faithful Followers While You Sleep

You too can build a list of enthusiastic ideal clients
EVEN if nobody knows you yet!

Dear Fellow Online Marketer,

Does any of this sound familiar?

You have a great product. You know it would change the lives of so many. If only you could reach them!

You are still communicating using your personal email account or you just recently signed up for an automatic email account. You’re proud of your connection via email. But you know you can only handle writing so many emails a day. So you sit and type until the late evening and still, you cannot achieve what you are set out to do: make a difference to all those people who need you and who are waiting for you.

You’re not alone! It is the frustrating reality of many Online Marketers in the early stages of their business.

We all start with no list and have to build our list one name at a time. And while that sounds like a lot of hard work, it does not have to be this way. List Building is a strategy open to you as well!

Take it from me and from all those successful Internet marketers out there: The key to your online success lies in your list, so you want to start building it sooner rather than later.

And now with my “Lead Magnet Generation™” program you can learn about multiple strategies to engage your ideal audience in a way that attracts them to you and makes them loyal followers.

Some of my clients have gone through the three major Lead Generation strategies in as little as one weekend to implement the one strategy that speaks most to them, while others take several weeks and implement all strategies and combine them to their Power Combo.

Either way, just imagine getting up in the morning and over your steaming cup of morning coffee you are checking your email list. And imagine your delight when you see it grew overnight because you were the one who heard your followers deepest wishes and are providing them with exactly what they wanted. That is what List Building overnight can look like for you too!

That’s exactly what “Lead Magnet Generation” is designed to do for you.

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Generate Your Lead Magnets Now and Attract Your Ideal Clients

Petra Mayer

In case we haven’t met already, my name is Petra Mayer and I’m an Online Strategy Mentor.

My specialty? Solving the problems of unfocused and ineffective marketing for individuals exactly like you: a Service Professional with a big message who understands the need to move your business online and reach more people in order to make a much greater impact in the world.

That is exactly the journey I have been on for the last few years.

At first I had no list so I invited friends and acquaintances to follow my emails. And you can already guess, those people would never end up being my clients and ultimately dropped off my list faster than I could convince more friends to join.

But over time I launched new campaigns and I mastered creating gifts of all kinds of variety that attracted those people in my fold that truly value my messages and who can use what I share to grow and build their own businesses.

And as I started working with these individuals in my various programs I realized that many entrepreneurs are struggling exactly with the same challenge I had early in my business: to create attractive Lead Magnets and build online funnels that lead a prospect from that first interaction to becoming loyal customers.

That is when I decided to create a very special program to help others learn in just a few days what took me years of trial and error and far more money in training than I would care to admit.

If I could show you a way to create attractive Lead Magnets and set up your systems so you can gather your followers information in your list and serve those Lead Magnets to them, would you be willing to take action now to do so?

If your answer is YES, then keep reading….because “Lead Magnet Generation” gives you everything you need to quickly and predictably experience walking into your office with a big smile on your face as you think to yourself…

  • "I finally have one or more Lead Magnets that I am proud of! That my ideal client loves and recommends to their friends! I can’t believe how list building has been working for me over the last while!”
  • “Now when I am networking I can immediately offer a great resource to my new connections, showing them that I am THE expert they want to stay in touch with.”
  • “These new tools help me when I am speaking at gatherings and from the stage. Finally I have a gift I can offer them that identifies my ideal client clearly.”
List building with free gifts

In other words, you’ll walk away with the solid foundation that every Internet Marketer needs first: a way to attract your ideal audience to your list and connect with them through your value-laden gifts.

Just look at internet marketing experts like Brandon Burchard, Bill Baren, Lisa Sasevich or Callan Rush.

They all use a variety of free gifts to attract their ideal audience and to also reengage their existing one. Their fortune lies in the size and quality of their lists.

So Let’s Take a Look at Everything You’ll Gain when You Invest in
“Lead Magnet Generation”…

Lead Magnet Generation Home Study Course


Your fully flexible program materials make it possible to access your online training whenever and wherever works best for you… but while still providing a logical step-by-step process. This helps you to make an educated decision on which Lead Magnet to launch first and how to build on that with future free gifts you are rolling out.


Full of examples and exercises so it’s easy to navigate through the various systems that will make up your sales funnel. Follow the blueprints for list building strategies and create your own funnel that works with your type of gift and satisfies your ideal clients.

Those two components alone would have saved me thousands of dollars in lost sales and unnecessary costs back in the day when I was starting to build my list….

… but you get even more than that with “Lead Magnet Generation”.

You see, I've also added these 4 valuable bonuses:

BONUS #1: Monthly Q&A Sessions: Strategy Power Hour

Being in a Self Study program like “Lead Magnet Generation” gives you all the benefits of flexibility. Flexibility of time – you can choose when to do your learning and how fast. And flexibility of location – you can choose from where you will join the training. But I know that for many entrepreneurs connection to others undergoing the same learning experience and access to the mentor to clarify questions is really important. And that is why I have created Strategy Power Hour – my monthly online Q&A Session. Sign up to receive the notifications for upcoming events and gain access to the recordings.

BONUS #2: Terra Farrar’s 9-step process to create a Lead Magnet

Joining a program is always inspiring. You learn from a mentor and from the community. Yet, learning from one mentor can be a narrow process. I love providing access to other experts, often experts who have taken on a mentor role for me some time during my career. Hear from Terra Farrar, Founder of Dream Launch Academy on her 9-step process of how to create a Lead Magnet in “Free Reports Open the Door for New Clients: The 9 Fastest and Easiest Steps to Creating Your Freebie”

BONUS #3: Video Training Material

Video is playing a large role in creating free material that can attract your ideal client to your tribe. In short, it is a great tool for list building. Yet, video is single-handedly the most mentioned barrier to success in the entrepreneurs and service professionals that I typically work with. Don’t get me wrong, I have been there too. I also started one day with my first video, really not knowing what to do. This is the reason why I have created a series of training videos and exercises that you can use to overcome the video hurdle, be it creating your own first video of yourself, creating a vide from slides or editing your videos so you can take control over the outcome and the budget.

BONUS #4: Access to the Freedom Seeker’s Mastermind FB Group

I like to over-deliver when it comes to ensuring that my clients have all the support they need. The Freedom Seeker's Mastermind Facebook Group is designed to provide ongoing mentor support, community support and access to valuable Facebook Live events.

When you add up the support-related value of the bonuses, they're easily worth as much or more than the program itself...but if you act now you get them all for free!

Just think, your one-time investment opens the door to gaining a lifetime of dividends...

That means you'll be on your way to Generate Your Lead Magnets Now and Attract Your Ideal Clients for just one payment of CA$497.

  • Quickly learn about the various types of Lead Magnets so you can pick the one that works best for you and your audience
  • Knowing how to set up the systems for easy registration and delivery of your Lead Magnet
  • Effectively tailoring your services and marketing to ‘your people’
  • A great start to active list building for you!

… that applies to your current business as well as any of your future endeavours too.

And remember this, once you have created your attractive gifts that are specifically honed to your target audience, your list will practically grow by itself and those who start following you have already identified that they are interested of working with you.

That means, that Lead Magnet Generation will practically pay for itself by attracting those who are ready to do business with you.

And to put your mind totally at ease, consider this:

My 100% Risk Free "Make Sure It's For You"
7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Why the guarantee? Because it's important to me to remove all risk to you. That's why you have a full 7 days to try out the program.

Experience everything...and if it doesn't deliver the value you'd hoped, just let me know you're not satisfied and I'll refund your full amount, no questions asked.

(Just so you know, I feel perfectly confident giving you that guarantee because I know how much my clients tend to have their expectations exceeded by "Lead Magnet Generation"!)

100% Money Back Guarantee

So You Really Can’t Make a Mistake Investing In "Lead Magnet Generation"

But know this: whether you buy today or not, there's a cost either way:

  • If you invest in the program, for only CA$497 you get everything you need to know about how to create a variety of Lead Magnets and how to make them available to your tribe leading to successful list building for you...
  • ...but if you don't invest today, there's the cost you'll pay in wasted time and money, not to mention all the energy spent needlessly going down the wrong path for you... frustrated when your messaging and offers inevitably attract clients you'd rather not have... and unintentionally repelling your dream clients.

"Whenever you see a successful business, someone once
made a courageous decision.” – Peter Drucker

Gifts provide value to your clients

This is your moment to be courageous – just by taking the first step now.

All your dream clients are out there right now waiting for you to show up with the clear message and specific help they're looking for.

You owe it to them, yourself and your bank account to get the tools and training you need to experience that transformation today.

So click the "Yes! I Want Generate My Lead Magnets Now!" button right now so you can thank yourself later.

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Generate Your Lead Magnets Now and Attract Your Ideal Clients

Petra Mayer

I’m looking forward to seeing you in the program and connecting with you on the calls and the Freedom Seeker’s Facebook Group and to see the magnificent Lead Magnets you will be creating, providing value and attracting your ideal audience.

Petra Mayer
Your Online Strategy Mentor

P.S. Remember, “Lead Magnet Generation” makes it easier and faster to attract the people you love working with while serving them better. There’s no risk with my 100% money back guarantee… but the longer you wait, the longer you and your market will continue to miss out on all you can give.

Frequently Asked Questions

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So what makes Lead Magnet Generation such a valuable program?

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Don't Miss Out...Generate Your Lead Magnet Now and Start Building Your List!

Register now and get...

  •  A logical step-by-step process that helps you finish what you begin
  •  Ideas and instructions so you are able to pick the Lead Magnet that you want to focus on first, while knowing other options to add later
  •  Examples and templates so you know how to set up your systems to deliver your free gift
  •  All the support you need in the Freedom Seeker’s Mastermind Facebook Group and During Strategy Power Hours
  •  Bonus training by myself and other experts so you learn all you need about the creation of your Lead Magnet
  •  100% risk free 7-day money back guarantee

...all for just one payment of CA$497. Click the "Yes! I Want to Generate My Lead Magnets Now!" button now for INSTANT access!

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Generate Your Lead Magnets Now and Attract Your Ideal Clients

Looking forward to seeing you join my other happy clients with Lead Magnets!