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Finally, the wait and confusion is over! You are ready for this journey to launch your Online Programs!

How to Build Your Freedom Business with Programs and Online Courses
without the Confusion, Procrastination, Frustration
and the Delays from Doing It Alone

Know what to do, how to do it, and get all the support you need to transform your expertise into a high-value product while gaining greater freedom in your work-life balance

petra Fellow Freedom Seeker,

I hear this all the time, so I have to ask.

Is marketing sucking up too much of your time while you’re aching to be helping people instead?

Are you tired, actually even bored of repeating the same thing over and over in your one-on-one client sessions?

Are you done with teaching the same content again and again when you could take your client to the deeper, more transformational places instead?

Is the constant confusion of how to scale your business to a more rewarding model eating at you and leaving you with the bitter taste of disappointment in yourself?

And to top it all off, do you find yourself longing for the freedom to spend the your time on the things and people you love most?

Then you're not alone...and this 3-Day Event is for you!

You see, my passion is to help service professionals such as you to build what I call the “Freedom Business”, a business model that helps you create the life style you want for yourself and your loved ones while serving your clients in an even deeper way and spreading your message further.

Does that sound like the sort of help you could use? It should, especially if:

  • You feel you're burning out from too much work for too little outcome.
  • You know that you want to change your revenue model but you have no idea how to go about it.
  • You know you want to have an online course, but just talking about it leaves you in a state of confusion.
  • You're sick of being afraid to let go of the security of what you have and ready to reach for something better.

Now is the time to join other entrepreneurs and save your seat
at the Big Leap Bootcamp® Live Event to overcome what has been holding you back
and start on your exciting journey to build your Freedom Business.

Click the “Save My Seat” button right now so you don’t miss this once a year opportunity.

Just Imagine!

Imagine if you could offer a variety of programs to your clients. Perhaps you want to offer live programs or you want them to be evergreen.

Imagine the respect your clients will have towards you as you become their source of expertise. And at the same time you can schedule your time more flexibly and efficiently and have more freedom in your business.

Imagine how your clients will benefit from the same type of flexibility for having access to your training material from the comfort of their home or office at a time that works for them. Imagine how your family will love your new freedom too!

Imagine how you are going to use this time – may be travelling and working from abroad or simply spending more time with your loved ones.

Imagine if you could just simply take your idea for a program and learn how to create an engaging course or if you already have a program how you can make it even more awesome and fill it at the same time!

The Big Leap Bootcamp® Live Event can be your best next step
towards building this type of business.

My name is Petra Mayer and I am your Online Business Mentor.

When I started on this journey myself in my business, I made many mistakes. The biggest mistake was that I thought I could do this by myself. So I created not only one program that was meant to be failing, I did this twice (for good measure, so to speak…).

Only once I realized I had to connect with others who have travelled on this path before was I able to create engaging and successful Online Programs myself.

And I realized there are many entrepreneurs just like me who want to have a business that provides them with freedom of location and freedom of time, while at the same time providing them with more income.

And that meant I could help them reach these goals through my programs!

In the meantime I have helped many entrepreneurs to overcome their biggest enemy – confusion – and get clear on what program they want to create and how to go about it.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, now that I have combined what I learned throughout my corporate career and in my practice as a Business Coach over the last years with my educational background of an MBA and my certification as a professional coach, I am able to pass on this learning to you – in my coaching, my programs and my live event, the Big Leap Bootcamp® Live Event.

In this 3-Day small group event you will:

  • learn how to move from vision to concrete idea to bringing it all together in your program or first online course
  • gain clarity how to move from an individual program to having a well laid out suite of services
  • get practical strategies of how to position yourself and fill your programs
  • connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you and maybe even agree your first joint venture.

Join me for the

In this 3-Day live event we will work on three critical components to successfully build and fill your programs:

What you will learn during the event:

In a mix of training and interactive workshop settings you will learn how to take your vision of your online course and transform it into an actionable plan. This is equally relevant if you are just starting out or if you already have your program launched.

​If you’re a first timer you will work through your idea and build out your plan for your first program (online or offline!).

Yet, if you already have your program or are in the middle of creation, you will learn how to improve your programs so they are even more awesome and transformational.

You will also learn how to build out your signature system, multiple programs that logically lead to each other.

But that is not all! Creating your course is one thing – but filling it is yet another journey. During the Big Leap Bootcamp® Live Event you will learn actionable strategies of how to fill your program regardless if you are speaking to one individual or you are speaking to a whole group.

This is your opportunity to walk away with the same foundational elements that every entrepreneur online depends on today...

...whether it's a seasoned Information Marketer like Jeff Walker (who considers course creators to be the future of education)...

...or the Queen of Sales Conversion herself, Lisa Sasevich, who transformed her company from a shoebox to a multi-million dollar coaching business by creating products and running 1-to-many teleseminars.

The thing to remember is that no matter how large you want your business to grow, you still need the same foundation that you'll have in place after going through the Big Leap Bootcamp® program.

That holds true whether:

  • You've never tried to create an online course but you can see what a game changer it can be to have an asset like that working for you 24/7/365...
  • Or you're currently marketing in-person workshops...but would love to deliver that value online to free up your evenings, make your schedule more flexible, broaden your market, and relieve the pressure of trying to fill face-to-face workshops…
  • Or if you have just launched your first program and are ready to play on a bigger platform by incorporating your program into your signature system.

Whatever your situation, you'll discover the foundational elements you need for success with online courses and how to fill'll learn what I was fortunate to learn through my 20+ years of experience in business strategy, marketing, coaching, training and program creation

Over the years, I've been fortunate to help a large number of clients make big gains in their businesses, from cutting through the fog of strategy options out there, to knowing with certainty what to do next…

......and then supporting them to actually get it done!

Now is the time to join other entrepreneurs and save your seat
at the Big Leap Bootcamp® Live Event to overcome what has been holding you back
and start on your exciting journey to build your Freedom Business.

Click the “Save My Seat” button right now so you don’t miss this once a year opportunity.

To get just a glimpse of the kind of results I'm talking about, just listen to some of my clients' experiences of working with me:

You gave me the power to know that I can do it. That was essential! Then you helped me find this concept that will make so much sense in my business. And then you handheld me and sometimes also nudged me a bit. Just a few months later, my program is ready... I am so excited.

Fabienne Slama
Founder of Heartbreak911

When I booked my session with Petra I was unclear about my ideal client and how to best market to him/her. I walked away from the session with much greater clarity around my ideal client and a few concrete ideas how to best serve them in my business. …and that feels very exciting to me! I am grateful that Petra shared her clarity and strategic creativity with me!

Monika Becker
Life and Business Coach
Clear Directions Coaching

It is lovely to have the clarity on where my company is going. A lot of the techniques and strategies that I learned in this program have been useful for my clients as well. I have found working with Petra Mayer to be delightful. She is very helpful and has a good big picture on business strategy and a lot of great ideas that I can apply to my company.

Darlene Clarke
Business Development and Project Management Consultant
DMC Associates

And while I'm proud of how I've helped these people, you will want to know what this means for you...

Here is how this will work:

Your Roadmap to Success:

Day 1 - "Leverage"

  • ​Learn how you can leverage your business for greater success
  • Build your blueprint for your high end program or your signature system
  • Understand the benefit and the needs of your niche! Learn how to optimize your course for the variety of clients who will want to engage with you
  • Get the step-by-step roadmap to bring your program to life

Day 2 - "Systematize"

  • ​Get the step-by-step roadmap to bring your program to life
  • Learn from others who have walked on this path before you
  • Take the opportunity for some laser coaching of your idea or your niche
  • Understand the lead generation process and sales funnel and plan your own
  • Be inspired of how to bring in your own personal story for powerful transformation
Freedom is... Growing through Online Programs

Day 3 = "Maximize"

  • Understand what might get in the way and how to overcome those barriers
  • Learn important strategies of how to fill your program, even if you don’t have a large list
  • Learn how to gain enthusiastic clients so they come back for more and send their friends as well
  • Leave inspired and ready to take action, full of confidence that you know the next steps to take.
Workshop with Petra Mayer

More expert knowledge from more experts!

I have invited highly qualified experts to the event to share their wisdom with you. Experts who help you position yourself as an expert and teach you actionable strategies to fill your programs. And you will be able to talk to them directly, get their insights and take-away that may be just the snippet of information you need to take your program to the next level and to create your freedom business.

Karen McGregor, Speaker Success Formula

Karen McGregor

Speaker Success Formula

Karen McGregor is a bestselling author, international speaker, coach, trainer and the founder/ CEO of the Speaker Success Formula. Her company helps entrepreneurs create, structure and deliver compelling presentations to monetize their expertise and launch successful speaking businesses. Karen is a premier monetization specialist dedicated to helping conscious entrepreneurs spread their messages, sell their products/services and transition into successful speakers.

Michela Quilici, MC Consulting Inc.

Michela Quilici

Your Business Navigator

As a seasoned business growth + marketing expert, Michela lives to support coaches, consultants and service professionals to authentically market and strategically grow their business with purpose and confidence. With a relentless passion for helping people be seen and heard, she navigates mission-driven business owners to stop giving it all away and start getting clients to say YES!

​Lunch On Us!

On the first day of the event we will be hosting a luncheon and you are invited. Join me and my expert guests on day 1 for a healthy lunch and some brain food too!


Elizabeth Patricia Connor, Experiential Retreat Leader

Elizabeth Patricia Connor

Experiential Retreat Leader

Retreats are the next step in your coaching business. Imagine traveling with an elite group of your followers to exotic lands, immersing yourselves in the local culture and all the while leading them into new depths of your unique knowledge. Learn how adding experiential retreats to your sales funnel will elevate your bottom line. And you get to travel for free!

Elizabeth Patricia is a bestselling author, experiential retreat leader, transformational coach and sought-after inspirational speaker. She is manifesting her long-time dream of building a holistic retreat center located on the south pacific coast of Costa Rica.


Sussan Toub Print Broker

Sussan Toub

Print Broker

Perfect Impression Ltd.

Perfect Impression, a print brokerage company, can give you peace of mind for anything that relates to printing from Business Cards to Banners and much more while providing you with the best printing solution.

Jamie Munro, Whisper Media

Jamie Munro 

Chief Videographer

Whisper Media

Jamie’s range of services includes profile videos, client success story videos, speaker reels and thought-leadership videos to name a few. Her passion lies in helping people having fun and feeling comfortable in front of the camera.

Wendy Terriff, Women Wealth Whisperer

Wendy Terriff

Certified Sacred Gifts Guide

The Wealth Whisperer​

One of the keys of living a wealthy life is having a deep sense of peace and contentment that we are contributing to the world in highly meaningful ways. Let Wendy show you how to do this with your unique gifts.

Anita Alberto

Anita Alberto 

Headshot Specialist

Anita Alberto Photography

Providing professionals with photography services including headshots, lifestyle sessions. website and event photography.

Anita works with her clients to create images that they love, are proud to show off, and truly capture their essence.

Susan Jarema

Susan Jarema 

"Internetologist" & Trusted Technology Partner

New Earth Marketing

Susan is an expert in building and maintaining responsive websites that convert leads to sales through marketing and sales automation, SEO, and good design. She helps you take your business to the next level by building a marketing engine for your business that engages, nurtures, and delights your clients.

Matthew McGregor

Matthew McGregor

Internet Marketing Specialist

Client Conversion Formula

Matthew McGregor is the founder / CEO of, and one of the most in-demand internet marketing coaches and consultants in his industry.

To date, Matthew has mentored a variety of high level clients, helping them reach new peaks in business and profitability.

Technology Sponsors

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26-28 October 2017

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, just 50 minutes north of the boarder crossing in Blaine and set between the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the green, luscious North Shore Mountains has been rated numerous times as one of the top 10 livable cities in the world.

Only 3 hours by car from Seattle or a direct flight from many North American and International Destinations it is a cosmopolitan city that combines natural beauty with a compelling outdoor life-style.

Vancouver was the host city of the 2010 Winter Olympics and boasts many outdoor activities year round.

We are meeting at the Best Western Plus Sands Hotel in Vancouver’s West End just minutes from the beautiful English Bay with long sandy beaches, the world famous Stanley Park and restaurant options that satisfy any taste buds.

A room block has been reserved at an incredibly reasonable rate for your convenience. No need to call a taxi, you simply stroll over to our meeting location after you enjoyed the hearty breakfast at the hotel.

If you are travelling from out of town, you might want to add a day or two to experience one of the many sights this wonderful city has to offer.

If you are travelling from the US or other international destination, please don’t forget that you will need a passport and please check your visa requirements based on your nationality.

Vancouver is a very hospitable city and we are looking forward to welcoming you here!

Can’t wait to get here?

Let me shorten the wait for you!

Are you ready to jump in and can’t wait to attend the Big Leap Bootcamp® Live Event? Well, I can’t wait to see you either so I am pleased offer you these helpful bonuses:

BONUS #1: Monthly Q&A Sessions: Strategy Power Hour

The event might still be quite some time away and you are keen to get started now!

And I want to support you in doing so. And that is why I invite you to join Strategy Power Hour – my monthly online Q&A Session. These online live sessions are reserved for my clients only. Simply sign up to receive the notifications for upcoming events and gain access to the recordings. I can’t wait to see you there!

Value: $997

BONUS #2: Access to the Big Leap Bootcamp Live Event Facebook Group

I like to over-deliver when it comes to ensuring that my clients have all the support they need.

The Big Leap Bootcamp Live Event Facebook Group is designed to provide ongoing connection to myself, and the community, you will meet in person in Vancouver before, during and after the event.

Value: Priceless

BONUS #3: Quarterly Online Master Classes

I want you to be as prepared as possible for the event so you can get the most benefit from joining.

This is why I will offer one Online Live Master Class every quarter until the event date. These classes are exclusive for participants of the Big Leap Bootcamp® Live Event. This means, the earlier you sign up, the more access you will have and you can make more progress with your course creation even before you join me here in Vancouver

.Master Classes will be held online on June 1st, August 10th and October 5th, 2017 at 9am PT. Each Master Class will have a very distinct teaching topic and provide lots of time for Q&A. The classes are live only and will not be recorded - hence sign up early to get access. 

Value: $997

These bonuses are already extremely valuable in their own right. And so is the Live Event itself. Let me show you the overall value:

Big Leap Bootcamp® Live Event: Value $1,997

Access to monthly Strategy Power Hour in 2017: Value $997

Three exclusive Master Classes: Value $997

Total value $3,991

Check the date - you may qualify for an Early Bird Rate!

Super Early Bird: Valid until June 30, 2017: Pay only $497

Early Bird: Valid July 1st, to August 31, 2017: Pay only $697

Full Online Registration Fee: Valid from 1 September 2017: $800

Super Early Bird ends in...



Forget looking for the best food outlet nearby. Join my pre-set daily luncheons and mingle with all exhibitors and myself. Make new friends with other VIPs over lunch or during the exclusive VIP Happy Hour on Day 2 and start building collaborations.

This is a great opportunity to connect, perhaps find new clients and new partners, for sure, make new friends.

Simply select the VIP option during check-out!

For an additional fee of only $197 you will have access to:

  • Luncheons on all three event days
  • Happy Hour Reception on Day 2
  • Extended access to the exhibitors and myself over lunch
  • More time to connect with the audience
  • Exclusive Gift Package

Now is the time to join other entrepreneurs and save your seat
at the Big Leap Bootcamp® Live Event to overcome what has been holding you back
and start on your exciting journey to build your Freedom Business.

Click the “Save My Seat” button right now so you don’t miss this once a year opportunity.

But I must warn you. I can only deliver this level of support and value to an intimate number of entrepreneurs at a time.

This means that I have to cap attendance to only 50 seats!

So why the warning? Because I have a lineup of satisfied clients and their friends who are ready to book those limited number of seats and the amazing savings that come with early booking.

In other words, if you’re at all considering attending, you need to get your name in now, before the door of opportunity swings shut.

And if we haven’t met or worked together yet, rest assured……you’ll receive the same level of business transforming benefits and personal support I’ve been delivering over all my years of helping entrepreneurs like yourself successfully create the business freedom they’re looking for.

And don’t just take my word for it...

What value! You are dynamite! I’ve gained clarity over my next steps and a have a much better understanding of the big picture and how to get there.

Nathalie Dignard | Visual Artist
Nathalie Dignard Mixed Media Art

Petra was professional, supportive, and such a strong resource of quality information. Petra, I want to thank you for being both highly professional and sincerely warm; a rare combination.

Susan Woodward
Medical Intuitive, Master Reiki Practitioner

I’m not sharing these testimonials to brag but I am sharing so you know the important transformation you can expect to enjoy in your own business when you have an experienced guide holding your hand.

uOne of the biggest keys to success is taking action! We both know that the fortune favours the bold, so don’t wait - take your first step right now, while seats are still available.

I am looking forward to welcoming you in Vancouver for the Big Leap Bootcamp® Live Event!

Petra Mayer
Your Online Business Mentor

Now is the time to join other entrepreneurs and save your seat
at the Big Leap Bootcamp® Live Event to overcome what has been holding you back
and start on your exciting journey to build your Freedom Business.

Click the “Save My Seat” button right now so you don’t miss this once a year opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included if I register for the Big Leap Bootcamp® Live Event?

Why should I consider the VIP Option and what is included

Can I bring a friend?

How can I connect with others who are coming to the event?

Where will the event be held?

How can I book a hotel room at the event location?

What do I need to bring to the event?

Still have questions? 

I want to make absolutely sure you get the answers you need. And the easiest way for that to happen is to signup for my no-fee Get Acquainted Call. You’ll be glad you reached out.

Remember, only a small number of entrepreneurs will get all they need to build the foundation to their freedom business and you will want to save your seats early.

Here is why you would want to register early for the Big Leap Bootcamp® Live Event:

  • Book early to ensure you will have access at the Big Leap Bootcamp® Live Event. Only 50 seats are available!
  • Book early so you have access to three Master Classes, offered exclusively to attendants of the Big Leap Bootcamp® Live Event.
  • Book early to get access to Strategy Power Hour from registration all the way to end of 2017 – more access means more support!
  • Book early to take advantage of the lower pricing. Don’t forget to book before 30 June to get the lowest price available online.
  • And, don't forget to add the VIP package to make your event even more valuable. Select the Option during check-out.