Target Audiences Have Desires Too

In my previous articles I covered demographics and psychographics to narrow your target audience.

When defining your ideal client, it is important to go beyond those two areas of audience definition. I call that your pains and gains.

Pain points relate to the issues they are trying to resolve and why they are looking for a solution like yours in the first place.

And gain points describe what they are looking for in their ideal case scenarios.

Of course, people don’t typically disclose this easily because they may not even be totally aware of it themselves.


However, with clever research you can get to the bottom of this and learn what their deepest desires are. As a result of that you can ensure your products and services will delight them.

Strive to interview at least 8 people who you consider to be in your ideal audience. If you are working with multiple audiences, then target to get 8 interviews for each audience type.

Ideally you record the conversations, so you are able to take note of the exact language used.

Ask the same questions of all clients and analyse the responses you receive to identify the themes and the related pain points and gain points.

Use the language that fits best across all clients in your marketing communication and make it part of your product and service development.

For a step-by-step process to identify your ideal target audience consider Crystallize Your Niche – my self-study course to explore what drives your ideal client that helps you define your persona and avatar statements.

About the author 

Petra Mayer