The importance of Online Learning increases as companies and organizations become more global. eLearning allows organizations to train staff anywhere.

Business owners and leaders in organizations or government provide training to staff to help them grow and become more effective team members. eLearning can also benefit the organization’s business development and sales efforts.

As a consultant I provide my clients with services in strategy and implementation of their eLearning projects.

Who is this for?

Companies can implement eLearning for their own staff, business partners and distribution channels. 

For example, in the case study “Game Based Learning” below I demonstrate how the oneworld Alliance of airlines designed an interactive online learning program to help airline staff members to learn more about the benefits of the airline alliance.

Another case study, “Trade Training”, demonstrated how Rocky Mountaineer, a niche tour operator in the Canadian Rockies, trains travel agents around the world on its product and the destination of the Canadian Rockies.

Training can become particularly important after a company merger. The case study “IT Onboarding Training” demonstrates how a property management company used short videos to train staff on the company’s hardware and software.

Any eLearning project requires well designed requirements. The process of needs assessment and documentation is described in the case study “Requirements Documentation”.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners also benefit from considering eLearning or Online Training in their business. They may benefit from other options in the implementation, as outlined in the case study “Online Training Program. If you are an entrepreneur or service professional, wanting to implement online training for lead generation, value creation or revenue generation, check out the Big Leap Bootcamp®, my 6-month mentorship program to get you to your goals.

Benefits of eLearning:

24/7 availability: Regardless if you implement eLearning programs for your staff, partners or your distribution channel, your “students” can access the program at any time day or night from anywhere. This makes eLearning more flexible and accessible than any other learning options.

Improved pedagogy: eLearning Industry points out that eLearning programs provide the ability to include gamification, which is particularly important for millennials (the generation born between 1976 and 2001). Gamification enhances learner engagement and improves retention. (Source: eLearning Industry)

Enhanced reach: It has become more important to reach audiences in different locations. They may be teleworkers, staff in different locations or partners and distribution channels around the world. eLearning can be available around the globe and provides much improved cost effectiveness. Add the ability to include web meetings and eLearning can be highly interactive.

Go Green: No more travel around the globe to attend training provided in head office. eLearning is coming to the workplace in any location and time zone.

Continued learning: Today’s employees expect ongoing training and skill enhancement. A company that provides ongoing training to their staff will benefit from greater loyalty, improved staff integration and competence. Particularly millennials are looking for work that is in line with their personal values and is personally rewarding.

Available services:

  • Strategy
  • Stakeholder Needs Analysis
  • Requirements Settings
  • Instructional Design
  • Course Development
  • Project Management

How I work with my clients:

Based on 20+ years of experience in my corporate career and my consulting practice, I support my clients in needs analysis, stakeholder alignment, requirements setting and project implementation.

Let me support you and your team to get your web-based learning off the ground. From understanding your internal needs to finding the best implementation strategy. Regardless if you contract with developers around the world or require implementation on your favourite eLearning platform.

Are you an eLearning agency looking for members to expand your team? I also work as a freelance consultant. Contact me to discuss your needs.

What my clients say:

Paula Hanna, Director, Learning and Knowledge Management, Vision Critical

Petra Mayer joined our training team to kickstart the development of a comprehensive certification program. She set up the project fundamentals, undertook a benchmarking study and needs analysis, followed by the instructional design of a program syllabus for 7 courses. Petra then supported our team in the development of our pilot eLearning course, including scripting and lesson creation. She was paramount in our successful launch of the pilot program and the roadmap for our training team to roll out the remaining courses of the certification program. Petra never takes her eye off the overall goal while maintaining full attention to detail. She provided us with strategic direction as well as showed great flexibility to adapt scope and approach in our fast-changing environment as a technology provider.

Paula Hanna

Director, Learning and Knowledge Management

Vision Critical

Pamela Roy, Ph.D., Manager of Learning & Assessment, Diversity Abroad

Diversity Abroad is the leading professional consortium of educational institutions, government agencies, for-profit and non-profit organizations dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusive good practices that increase access, achieve equitable diversity and foster inclusive excellence in global education. We consulted with Petra Mayer to create a Request for Proposal for an eLearning project designed to support faculty members at US higher education institutions to more effectively plan, implement and lead inclusive education abroad programs. Petra guided us through the discovery process and documented our needs and assumptions so as to better communicate with developers. She also created a survey for our members and provided us with a short list of developers and alternative system solutions. Through the work with Petra, we gained much greater clarity on the project.

Pamela Roy, PhD

Manager of Learning & Assessment

Diversity Abroad

eLearning Case Studies:

The following case studies demonstrate a variety of projects I have been involved in during my corporate career or as a consultant. I am skilled in strategy development, needs analysis and requirements settings. I can also act as project lead for your training project or support your project during the delivery phase.

The following case studies cover the full spectrum of eLearning development.

Feasibility study for a Learning Management System (LMS) based on a Request for Information (RFI) and 8 vendor responses. 

eLearning Certification Program consisting of multiple courses for a Technology Company. Implementation using Articulate Storyline 360. (2018)
eLearning Module by Rocky Mountaineer travel agents around the world to learn about the product. Implementation using Brainshark to accommodate resource and maintenance needs (2015)

Developing clear requirements in crucial for eLearning. This case study demonstrates the process of documenting requirements for RFP purposes (2017).
Lengthy training modules are often not practical. In this case study of a Property Management Company we implemented videos of up to 2 min. for IT on-boarding (2017).

Service Professionals who want to offer online courses and group programs require an alternative solution that is low cost and easy to maintain for them and their clients (2017).
Development of an interactive game based eLearning module for the oneworld Alliance with purpose to educate airline staff and travel agents on the benefits and products of the airline alliance (2008)

Please contact me to discuss your project. I would be honoured to support your eLearning or Online Training project.