Online Business Coaching

Does any of the following resonate with you?

  • You have a clear vision for your coaching or consulting business but you are just not sure how to get there.
  • You want to have a website that truly reflects you and your business but you find it hard to make the first step.
  • You know that within you lies a gift ready to be shared with your audience but you don’t know how to build your programs and make them available online.

I know what that feels like. Because I started my own business going through the same difficulties and overcoming exactly these hurdles. And I want to help you go through this learning curve faster and with less frustration. I wish I could promise you ease but I know there will be challenges on the way – however, I am here to support you!

Combining Coaching and Consulting?

Business Strategy Coaching In my work I offer a combined approach of coaching and consulting, particularly when I help my clients gain the clarity they need to promote their business with a highly converting website and to grow with online programs.

The combination of these two techniques can be very powerful.

How do Coaching and Consulting differ?

Particularly in the area of Business Strategy there are many ways to find help. You can hire a mentor, participate in training or contract a consultant or coach. In my practice I combine coaching and consulting techniques. How do these techniques differ?

A Consultant will bring outside knowledge to a project, helping you achieve your goals. This approach is very useful when the skill set is not available in your organization. My 15+ years experience of project management and website strategy will come handy when we address questions for your business!

The benefit of a coaching approach is that coaching will bring out the essential knowledge you have for how to run your business from within you. As a coach I will guide you through this using powerful questions and holding you accountable to the tasks you have committed to complete.

Online Business Coaching Packages

I offer a range of coaching packages suited to the needs of the individual or the organization. From VIP day to 3, 6 or 12 months programs, I customize my services to your needs.

My coaching topics focus on helping you build your business, particularly when it comes to building your business online. Do you aspire to run online courses or group programs? Do you want to ensure your web presence represents your growing business? Do you want to ensure your services will work well together, helping you maintain life-long customer relationship? I love working with my clients long-term, helping them achieve their goals and a greater freedom in their life.

For both – you as my client and for me it is most important that we determine we are a good fit for each other. Therefore I offer my free Online Breakthrough Session” to learn more about your needs and the journey you are on. In this session you will get an opportunity to find out more about me too and we can discuss the package best suited to you.

What my clients say:

Petra was my first experience with being coached and she provided a helpful and gentle introduction. One of the most important things I learned in the year I spent with her was the importance of focus in defining the kind of client I would work this. She was the most patient of souls while I went through this process – sometimes digging in my heels as I struggled to let go of multiple client personas and zoom in on one or two.

I also truly appreciated Petra’s incredible kindness and flexibility with tasks and scheduling as I juggled a full time job and family responsibilities. She was never impatient or judgmental and that attitude made my steep learning curve achievable. She is also knowledgeable about the whole area of technology and gave me a ton of great ideas.  I would recommend Petra to anyone ready to take that first step into coaching, personal or business.



Apply Now:

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