Crystallize Your Niche

How To Increase Your Attractiveness, Value & Impact by Narrowing Your Niche

Discover how quickly you can define your ideal audience, tailor your messaging to match their needs & exclusively appeal to your dream clieants.

Dear Fellow Service Professional,

Does any of this resonate with you?

You're struggling to get clients. So you feel you have to cast as wide a net as possible.

But that means you can't get your message across exactly who your ideal clients are...or the specific value you offer.

The result? You compromise. You fill your schedule with poor clients. You put aside doing what you love most. You feel yourself losing interest in the business you used to be so excited about.

And all that erodes your confidence in your ability to speak to, connect with, or attract the specific group you care about most.

You are not alone! We all fall victim to what seems like common sense: that a narrower market means less income, less certainty, and helping less people.

But take it from me and my clients, the exact opposite is true.

Crystallize Petra

And now with my "Crystallize Your Niche" program, you can define a focused audience in a way that actually creates an attractive market opening for you.

Some of my clients have gone through my program's step-by-step process in as little as a weekend, while others take several weeks and go through the exercises multiple times at their leisure.

Either way, just imagine hearing your clients tell you how their lives have changed for the better because the value you deliver is precisely what they want and need – and nothing less.

That's exactly what "Crystallize Your Niche" is designed to do for you.

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In case we haven't met already, my name is Petra Mayer and I'm an Online Strategy Mentor.

My speciality? Solving the problems of unfocused and ineffective marketing for individuals exactly like you: a Service Professional with a big message, who wants to impact the world, and who understands the need to move your business online.

That's my niche. But it took me years to really hone in on it.

Petra Mayer in pink

At first I wasted more time and money than I'd like to admit, attracting prospects I didn't even realize I didn't want to work with.

In fairness, I wasn't the ideal fit for them either.

But over time, I mastered and modified a collection of exercises and insights that brought me true clarity in my market focus...

... and that's when I decided to create a very special program to help others achieve in a few days what it took me years of trial and error to figure out.

If I could show you a way to overcome the trap of trying to serve an audience that's too wide, would you be willing to take action now to do so?

If your answer is YES, then keep reading…because "Crystallize Your Niche" gives you everything you need to quickly and predictably experience walking into your office with a big smile on your face as you think to yourself...

  • "I finally understand who my ideal audience is! Who I'll love working with! I can't believe how much more clearly I communicate that in my messaging now"
  • "Now when I'm networking, I'm so much more confident in my ability to express who my ideal client wonder my contacts find it easier to pass on referrals now."
  • "These new tools make it easier than ever to create laser-focused services that deliver more value while appealing to the people I enjoy working with...and they enjoy working with me!"

Crystallize Foundation

In other words, you'll walk away with the solid foundation that every top business coach lays first: understanding your niche.

Just look at marketing experts like Thrive Academy, Brandon Burchard or Lisa Sasevich.

They all insist on getting clear about a narrow audience first to avoid wasted efforts – or worse, a business model that can never enable you to have the impact and freedom you desire.

So Let's Take a Look at Everything You'll Gain
When You Invest in "Crystallize Your Niche"...

Crystallize Your Niche Home Study Course

7 Home Study Modules

Your fully flexible program materials make it possible to access your online training whenever and wherever works best for you ... but while still providing a logical step-by-step process. That helps you finish what you begin and reach the clarity who you want to serve and how to describe your ideal client in a way that others can immediately think of referrals.

31-Page Workbook

Full of examples and templates so it's easy to complete your own Persona Statements, narrow your niche, and finally get to exclusively serving your ideal clients. These exercises will help you get new clients and referrals with a well drafted what-do-you-do statement.

Those 2 components alone would have saved me thousands of dollars in lost sales and unnecessary costs back in the days when my business lacked market focus...

... but you get even more than that with "Crystallize Your Niche".

You see, I've also added this valuable bonus:

BONUS: Access to the Freedom Seeker’s Mastermind Facebook Group

I like to over-deliver when it comes to ensuring that my clients have all the support they need. The Freedom Seeker's Mastermind Facebook Group is designed to provide ongoing mentor support, community support and access to valuable Facebook Live events.

You could be on your way to crystallizing your niche today!

  • Quickly knowing how to define your target audience
  • Advancing with full clarity in your business
  • Effectively tailoring your services and marketing to 'your people'

...that applies to your current business as well as any of your future endeavours too.

And remember this, once you've narrowed your niche and positioned yourself as a specialized service professional, people will expect (and accept) that you charge more than a generalist would.

That means "Crystallize Your Nichecan even help pay for itself by enabling you to increase your rates...

...which is exactly what one of my clients, a therapist, experienced:

She not only increased her rates by 20%, but also gained 2 new clients immediately thanks to the new confidence she felt after defining her audience with clarity.

Here's how just one of my recent clients experienced her niche becoming clearer and clearer as she followed the process...

Jennifer Deane
Jennifer Deane 

Leadership Consutant

Crystallize your Niche cured me from the "be all things to all people disease" and I was able to feel freedom from being more clear about my target audiences.

Rita Garnto
Rita Garnto

Self Care Specialist

My audience has become much more defined. As I'm working through my descriptions, faces are popping into my head. I will be reaching out to these women to pick their brains to help me in my course development.

Kathryn Wilking
Kathryn Wilking

Feng Shui Consultant

Crystallize Your Niche is a great course for anyone dealing with (or anticipating) the frustration of setting up an On-Line Learning Course. Petra brings you back to square ONE, and has you analyze the key questions: WHY are you doing this? WHO is going to benefit from your course? and WHAT can you teach them? OMG! I've been trying to do this myself for over a year! Petra was able to curb my excitement and TEACH ME to slow down and plan this course properly. The mantra: Do it right the first time.

Leslie Hopkins
Leslie Hopkins

Pilates Instructor

I have learned there is more to identifying my audience than meets the eye. I have an understanding of concepts such as socio-graphics and have identified, on paper using an Empathy Map, their pains and gains, giving me a clearer/more concise idea of who I can be of service to and where I might find them.

Diana Newcombe
Diana Newcombe


Fantastic. I started with three audiences moved to six! and am now down to two, one of which is completely different but I really like how it looks at this moment.

I must admit, I feel proud when I get client endorsements like that...and I owe it all to the lessons and tools I discovered and assembled in "Crystallize Your Niche."

And to put your mind totally at ease, consider this:

My 100% Risk Free "Make Sure It's For You"
Money Back Guarantee

Why the guarantee? Because it's important to me to remove all risk to you. ​

My courses are available through the popular platform "Udemy" and because of that, you will benefit from the very generous Money Back Guarantee. Should you not be satisfied, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days from purchase. 

(Just so you know, I feel perfectly confident giving you that guarantee because I know how much my clients tend to have their expectations exceeded by "Crystallize Your Niche"!)

"Whenever you see a successful business, someone once
made a courageous decision.”

- Peter Drucker -


This is your moment to be courageous – just by taking the first step now.

All your dream clients are out there right now waiting for you to show up with the clear message and specific help they're looking for.

You owe it to them, yourself and your bank account to get the tools and training you need to experience that transformation today.

Yes! I Want to Crystallize My Niche! Click on the "Yes! Sign me up" button right now so you can thank yourself later.

Don't Miss Out! Crystallize Your Niche Now!

Petra Mayer in fuchsia colour

Petra Mayer

Your Online Strategy Mentor

I'm looking forward to having you on the calls and hearing how it feels to finally leave behind the limitations of an unfocused business! 

P.S. Remember, "Crystallize Your Niche" makes it easier and faster to attract the people you love working with while serving them better. There's no risk with my 100% money back guarantee...but the longer you wait, the longer you and your market will continue to miss out on all you can give.

What My Clients Say:

Alexandra Goldwell
Alexandra Goldwell 

Love Your Body Counsellor

The great thing about me doing Crystallize Your Niche was that I realized I actually have two different kinds of markets or groups of people that I want to reach and I wasn’t really clear on that before. It’s helped me to get really specific and get really clear on who it is I’m working with and how to communicate with them.

Fabienne Slama
Fabienne Slama 

Life Passion and Dating Coach

"Crystallize Your Niche" allowed me to wear my awareness and I’m probably more clear than ever about what I need to work on and hopefully I will have my niche pinpointed by the end of this program.

Katy Papadopoulos
Katy Papadopolous

Leadership Coach

The Crystallize Your Niche program, I actually thought I was really clear on who my target audience is for both my business and for this course that I want to put together and realized in doing this that no, it was not. So I really did crystallize my niche in this online program that Petra created. It really gave me some intense clarity. I really know where I’m going now, I really know who I want to work with and who I want to create this course for and this has pinpointed it, it’s great.

Candice Plattor

Addictions Therapist

When I looked at the Crystallize Your Niche program, I first thought I don’t really need to do this because I know who my niche is and I know who I want to reach. But I was doing it I realized that there are some components, there are some different things that different people experience because of their relationship with the people in the lives who have addiction. So to be able to crystallize it a little bit more for each group of people is a helpful exercise for me.

Janice Porter

LinkedIn Trainer

The biggest value that I got out of the Crystallize Your Niche course is it made me stop and look at my target market and really hone in on who my avatar or ideal client is. I did discover it’s really more than one but it definitely made me look more closely at that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: ​Why do I have to determine my audience now? Can't I wait to do that later?

A: ​By knowing exactly who your audience is means you can set up your business in the best way possible.

And that means your ideal client will recognize themselves in your messaging and will be naturally drawn to you.

If you are not clear on your ideal target audience, you don't really know what services to provide. Wouldn't it be great if your business only attracted the people you love working with? Wouldn't it be so much more desirable if you knew how to have the ideal services in place for them?

If you answered YES, then the sooner you gain the necessary insights from "Crystallize Your Niche", the faster you can shape and experience that kind of business.

Q: ​I don't want to narrow my audience. I want to serve as many people as possible. Why can't I do that?

Of course you want to serve as many people as possible...but the only reason they'll want your help is if they're convinced that you, in particular, have precisely what they want or need.

But as long as you're trying to speak to everyone, you're really not speaking to anyone in particular.

That means the very people you want to reach and help simply cannot see what you offer as being precisely what they want or need...because there's nothing precise about how you're positioning yourself, your business or your offers.

So that's why you need the help of "Crystallize Your Niche" to narrow you market focus.

Q:​ If I narrow my audience too much, don't I lose out on business?

A: ​You'd think so. (That's what I thought too!)

But on the contrary, ask any business owner that's gone from having a wide-audience approach to having a well-defined audience, and they tell the same story: a narrow niche means a group of people with a very specific problem...

...and that means you can be laser focused on the value and outcomes you'll create for them...

...which means you can have the type of unique positioning that actually gains new business.

Of course, you first have to determine exactly how to narrow your audience by understanding the different ways of defining your market...which is just part of what "Crystallize Your Niche" helps you do.

Q: ​So what makes the exercises in "Crystallize Your Niche" so effective at creating the clarity I need to break through the limitations of trying to be all-things-for-all people?

A: ​Because the exercises systematically walk you through defining and understanding your audience on a much more intimate level... from narrowing your audience to dealing with multiple audiences in different aspects of your business. 

In "Crystallize Your Niche" I take you through exercises that create clarity - that way you have to be vague and unfocused about the services you offer or how to present them.

Q: ​What will my outcome be?

A: ​You'll know your niche to such depths that it will accelerate you in your business strategy, sales and marketing.

How? Well, just imagine it being impossible for your ideal audience to miss the fact that you're exactly what they're looking for...I can’t promise it, but it's easy to see how you'll likely realize an increase in revenue and joy in your business!

Q: ​How do I know this is right for me?

A: ​Is your desire to serve the greatest number of people holding you back from the benefits of narrowing your niche?

Are you afraid you might lose out if you focus your audience too much?

Do you already know you'd be better off with a narrow niche, but just don’t know how to make the change?

When someone asks who your ideal client is, do you hear yourself stumbling over your words while thinking “I have an idea...but can't exactly capture it”?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then it's time you got crystal clear on your specific target audience.

Q:​ How much time do I have to invest?

A: ​I realize we all have different schedules. That's why I created "Crystallize Your Niche" so you have full flexibility while still having a step-by-step approach that's clear and structured.

First, you get instant online access to all the content 24/7/365. From there, simply tailor your progress to what works for you.

Some of my clients have gone through the program in one intensive weekend, while others take several weeks and go through the exercises multiple times.

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  • A logical step-by-step process that helps you finish what you begin
  • Examples & templates so it's easy to narrow down your niche to your ideal clients
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  • 100% risk free 39-day money back guarantee

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Looking forward to seeing you join my other happy clients with narrow niches!