Training Programs

Training Programs designed for the Service Professional with a tight budget!

Big Leap Bootcamp®

During this flexible online program you will learn where your online course fits into your overall service offerings. You will also learn what makes a good online program and how to implement it.

And the program does not stop there. You will also learn a number of different launch techniques, select one and implement it for your online course. So you can start making money with this new shiny program you just created!

This course is provided in four parts. Pick just one that is most important to you or do all four.

Big Leap Bootcamp Program

Power On! Your Freedom Biz™

If you want to scale your business and leverage your time in the online space, you need a solid Business Foundation. During Power On! Your Freedom Biz you will set up this foundation from understanding your ideal client and creating your lead magnet that makes them come to you like the bees are attracted by the flowers.

Incorporate video into your funnel for even more pizzazz! Don’t forget to create your engagement strategy with email marketing and traffic campaigns. 

At the end of this flexible online program, following all the exercises and action items recommended, you will have a working online funnel that will provide you with new leads every day!

Power On! Your Freedom Biz

Crystallize Your Niche™

Many entrepreneurs struggle with identifying their niche in a way that they can express it clearly in networking or on their website. It might be counter-intuitive but having a narrow niche will actually result in more revenue.

In this home-study course you will define your niche strategically, understanding the impact of working with multiple target audiences on your website, service offering and online programs and courses. Various exercises and templates will guide you through this process.

This 7-Module course is developed with the busy entrepreneur in mind. Follow the course from the comfort of your home or office within your own time.

Crystallize Your Niche