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Professional Advisors

Providing you with strategies and scalable support to better serve your corporate clients.

Online Business Coaching

Strategy Coaching & Consulting

Does any of this resonate with you?

You are a Professional Advisor with a track record for your services as a trainer, speaker, consultant or author. While you love what you do, you find yourself working late hours, traveling more than you'd like, and frequently feeling exhausted.

You also know that you have so much to offer, and that if you just had a little more time you could better serve your corporate and business clients. But how can you do more with less?

Let us help you get unstuck and build the business that allows you to lead your dream lifestyle.

Strategy Coaching and Consulting

Business Strategy Deep Dive

Which major business challenge is keeping you up at night? Is it a particularly tough nut to crack? Would an outside perspective help?

A Business Strategy Deep Dive is a perfect way to focus ON your business and create a plan to achieve your goals. You choose the topic for the day, and we'll create the space and structure needed to break through any barrier.

Business Strategy Deep Dive

Peer-to-Peer Forum Groups

Have you ever felt really alone in your business, not knowing who to talk to or share your everyday-challenges with?

You are not alone! As entrepreneurs and business owners we have big dreams and BIG saboteurs. 

A Peer-to-Peer Forum Group can be there for you as a council of trusted advisors who have your back. These groups will be honest and frank with you and will share their well-earned experiences to help you through your challenges. 

Petra Mayer is a chair of a Global Virtual GroYourBiz Board and also offers customized Forum solutions to fit your needs and goals. 


Training Programs

Crystallize Your Niche

Are you a service professional who wants to leverage your business? You're not sure how to get started? You may not even know who your ideal client is? And you know how important it is for your business to have a clearly defined target audience. Crystallize Your Niche is delivered 100% online so you can participate from the comfort of your home.

Free Resources

Introduction to Online Course Essentials

If you are just starting to venture into the online space with your business and services, these resources are a perfect way to get started. Check out my free introductory programs at your leisure -- I promise they will help you on your new path.