Service Professionals Should Offer Online Programs!

Online Programs can have a profound impact on your business as a Service Professional. From offering Self Study Courses to adding value to your coaching clients through Group Programs, this strategy will provide you with more freedom in your business and your clients with greater flexibility and value.

Offering Online Programs will provide you with more freedom in your business and your clients with greater flexibility and value.

In this following video, I am explaining what Online Programs are and how they add value to your business.

For those of you who prefer to read, here is the full transcript of this video:

“Hello, this is Petra Mayer, Petra Mayer Consulting, Online Strategy Made Easy.

And today, I’m talking to you from the beautiful Fraser River. I want to speak to you in this video about three reasons why you might want to consider offering online programs in your business if you are a service professional.

First, let me perhaps explain to you what I consider to be an online program. Online programs can be on a continuum from being totally self-independent learner, somebody who is doing a self-study course to something that is a live program where you are actually spending a lot of time with your client, either in person or via a tool on the internet.

So now that we have defined what an online program is – it is anything in between that range that has an online component, let’s speak about three reasons why you want to consider that as a service professional.

Reason number 1: You might want to think about it as a lead generation tool. Let’s say, for example, if you are a financial advisor and you want to differentiate yourself from other financial advisors in your area. By providing a low-cost or no-cost information product or mini-course to your clients about an area of your expertise, you’ll differentiate yourself. You will provide them with higher value. And that will tie people to you and make them more likely to sign-up for your services.

2nd reason: If you want to make revenue with a new revenue stream. An online course or group program is a perfect way to shift your revenue into services that are at least partially automated. Partially automated means that some of the material that you’re providing to your clients can be recorded, pre-recorded and is available to your clients in the form of a video, a download, a workbook, etc.

The revenue generation tool is obviously huge. I mean that really will shift everything in your business. You will not only make money by selling the course. You will also be able to increase the pricing on your one-on-one services. I call them your VIP services.

And the 3rd reason why you might want to consider to offer Online Courses in your business practice is to create greater value. You might think that If I pre-record my material I get less value. However, that is not actually true. Because you are providing the client with extra value by giving them the flexibility to engage in your material at the time that is convenient to them and the location that they want to be at.

So this is something that is not going to only provide your client with that flexibility. It is also provides you with great freedom in your life. Because you might be at a place like what I am doing here at the dog park and at the same time your clients might be engaging with your programs, learning from your services and making steps forward in their business.

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