How To Sell Your Online Course More Effectively

Online courses have been increasing in popularity in this last year, and they’re only going to get more in demand.

The most successful businesses nowadays aren’t the ones that simply sell to their customers. They’re the ones that offer their customers a whole experience and a significant amount of value. Relationship building is so important especially when there are so many businesses out there offering similar services, so online courses are great tools if you want to stand out from the rest and really build trust with your existing and prospective clients.

woman looking at online courseIf you decide to take the jump and develop your own online course this year; it’s a good idea to have some tips under your belt on how to sell your online course more effectively. As with any product, you can’t assume it’ll fly out of the window even if it’s free, so you need to create an action plan that will put your online course on the map.

Step #1 – Offer a discount or a free download

If this is your first online course you may want to consider offering a discount to your audience or offering a free download for a select period of time to sell your online course. While it may feel counter-productive giving it away for free when you’ve put so many hours into it, it’s a great tactic as it will allow your audience to experience your work. Once they know how reputable and knowledgeable you are, they’ll be more likely to purchase future online courses if they know they’re getting great value for money and trust you.

Step #2 – Promote it on all of your platforms

You need to be proactive with getting your online course out there and your social platforms are the best place to start to sell your online course. Consider Facebook advertising which allows you to target a very specific audience. Promote it on Twitter and create content on your website that links to your online course download link to help boost its Google ranking and get your course seen. Don’t forget to share your course with your current and previous clients in an email blast or newsletter, as they will already trust your expertise and will be very likely to buy the course if it serves their needs.

Step #3 – Learn from others

If you know of other businesses or individuals who are creating online courses and selling them successfully, consider how they’re selling the product and why it’s working. What marketing tactics are they using and where are they marketing the course? Are they offering it for free or charging a price? Try to learn from others in the industry to inspire you and give you ideas to help you succeed to sell your online course.

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Petra Mayer