Lead Magnet Generation


I realize that a customer relationship starts with a highly valuable free gift. I want to learn how to create my Lead Magnet or Freebie and how to automate the delivery!

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Yes, Petra, I want to learn how to create a highly valuable Lead Magnet and how to automate the delivery. I know that a strategic creation of a Lead Magnet is going to help with conversion and with serving my customers. I will receive access to the online version of this program.

In this course I will learn:

  • What is a Lead Magnet and why is it so important
  • Different types of Lead Magnets
  • How to create a Lead Magnet, choosing from Reports, Videos and Webinars
  • How to automate the delivery of my Lead Magnet
  • How to use my Persona Statements in different business situations

… all for only $497.

I am going to process my order now so I can get started immediately.