Grow Your List With Free Gifts

Entrepreneurs in the online space have one big challenge: To build a list of ideal clients and those who may become one. One way of doing this is to grow your list with free gifts.

You may think of it as a painful exercise, yet, it is a constant process! Online Entrepreneurs have to daily work on building their list with potential ideal clients.

There are many ways how you can grow your list, starting with your regular networking. Caution! Do not add people to your list who have not given you the permission to do so. Hence, don’t just collect business cards and add them to your mailing list. Provide your contact with something they can benefit from – for example, add a free gift to the back of your business card!

Speaking from the stage is another strategy to build your list. In this case you need to add strategies of capturing your audiences email addresses. For example by offering a free gift from the stage they can easily access via text messaging.

And of course all your online marketing channels, such as your website, your social media profiles and posts are a great way to invite potential clients to connect with you and yes, again, you will need to offer something of value for them to provide you with their contact details.

All of these channels have one thing in common:

You offer something that benefits your contact so they provide you with their email address.

Free Gifts Attract Ideal Clients

This is where free gifts come in! By providing a valuable gift your potential client will be encouraged to provide you with their contact details. They’ll be added to your list and you can continue to communicate with them.

A gift does not equal a gift. There are many ways how you can provide your valuable information to your audience, from written reports to webinar and even in-person events.

Each type of gift has some pros and cons. For example, the effort it takes for you to create the gift will vary vastly as does how valuable they are considered by your audience.

I analyze each gift by four important considerations:

  • How your audience might perceive the risk of providing their contact details in exchange of your gift
  • The perceived value of your gift
  • And the time it takes for them to have a satisfying experience
  • The cost for you to produce this gift

About the author 

Petra Mayer