Get To Know Your Niche With Psychographics

Psychographics are descriptions that help narrow your target audience. They can be effective when used in addition to the demographics I covered in my previous article in this series.

While demographics are data that can be easily verified (they either fit the individual or not), psychographics are a bit harder to pin down.

Often the individual will not be able to describe them for themselves very clearly.

Values and Beliefs

Ask anybody about their values, and it will result in a discussion. Values are sometimes abstract concepts and, hence, can have different interpretation.

Authenticity, integrity, honesty, generosity, humour, etc. are words we use every day and as a result of that we may interpret them differently.

Try to bring across our own values and the values that we desire our target audience to have in our marketing. As a result, you will attract people who will like working with you and who you will enjoy working with.

Beliefs can change over time. And our programs may be designed for people who follow a specific belief system. Maybe we are looking for people who believe they need support in a certain area that we serve. Or we want to work with those who have goals that we help to achieve (think weight-loss goals, fitness goals, financial goals, educational goals, etc.).

We are now narrowing not only by demographic data, but by how our product or service helps our potential client achieve their heart’s desires.

Demographics and psychographics together definitely narrow our potential target audience already. Yet, they are even more powerful if we consider our prospects pain points and their aspirations. I call this their pains and gains and I will cover these in my next article.

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Petra Mayer