Empowered to Profit with Milena Cerin

Success in Business is linked to how empowered you are personally, says Milena Cerin, owner of Powered Up Coaching and bestselling author, speaker and innovator in the world of empowerment and personal and financial growth.

Join me in this interview of Milena where she shares her very powerful personal story and how she learned how her thoughts are at the root of her success. Milena has recently started her own Podcast. Learn here how to get started with Podcasting, if – like Milena – you prefer the privacy of the sound studio over video.

To learn more about Milena and access her free videos mentioned in the video, visit her website http://milenaemilycerin.com. To subscribe to her Podcast, visit iTunes and search for: The Soul of Business and Life.


Interview Transcript

Petra: Hello and welcome. This is Petra Mayer, Petra Mayer Consulting: Online Strategy Made Easy. I am so thrilled to be welcoming you to another one of my VIP expert interviews. Today I have with me, Milena Cerin.

Milena is a bestselling author and speaker and innovator in the world of empowerment and personal and financial growth. She’s also a podcast host and that’s why I have invited her to speak to us here today. Her podcast is called The Soul of Business and Life and she’s the owner of Powered Up Coaching.

Milena has had opportunities to speak to multiple businesses over the years, teaching them the value of personal development and technique and how to shift their negative and disabling beliefs to tools for achieving personal happiness and financial success. Milena, welcome to my video blog, I’m so glad that you could make it.

Milena: Thank you, Petra. Thank you for the invitation.
Petra: I am really thrilled to be talking about podcasts because more and more I see coaches and experts creating podcasts and stories of their own that are available through iTunes or the other podcast-type platforms and I’d love to understand a little bit more about that, how you went about it and how is it going for you. But before we get started with that, perhaps tell us a little bit more about your story and what got you started to have a coaching business.
Milena: Alright. My story goes way back so maybe I’m not going to start at the beginning, I’m going to start somewhere in the middle. But before I explain the big part that really played the biggest role in who I am today and what I’m doing today I just have to tell you that throughout my growing up I had this feeling that I’m nobody.

I was the youngest in the family and I was always controlled by the older siblings so I had no voice literally. I was kind of a quiet child and could spent lots of time on my own but I had lots of time to think and connect with nature into who I am. That was the good part but I always thought I would be nobody.

Then I actually got married, I have two kids from my marriage but it was an abusive marriage. I thought, well this is what I’m stuck with, I got married, this is what it is. And being Catholic and even Catholic old gen, of course no divorce for you, that’s it, my life is over. And yet after 11 years I said this is it. God is love and this is not a loving relationship. I cannot put my kids through this and I cannot put myself through this anymore.

So I ended that marriage and my whole life started changing. Things were going well. My articles about domestic abuse were published in an international church organization magazine and stuff like that. It seemed like all was going well. Then I got married the second time.

I was married to a Canadian and I thought well I have so much experience from my first marriage, it will never happen again. What happened was it was even worse than the first time.

Petra: Oh my god!
Milena: After two years we came to Canada with my two kids and we lost everything overnight. Like overnight I was signing divorce papers, money was transferred to who knows what secret bank accounts so everything was gone. I was a stay-at-home mom at that point so I had no job.

These were the only two years of my life that I didn’t work and now here I am, my bank cards, credit cards were canceled, my laptop with my articles to be published was stolen from me by my husband. He was threatening us for several months so we literally lost our home, family, financial security, everything overnight.

It was really horrible because police got involved, the Slovenian Embassy got involved, we were in a safe house and all kinds of stuff were happening at that point. I thought my life was over because I had lost my career. I had a great career in Slovenia and then coming here I had nothing. I was nobody.

Nobody knew about me, I didn’t have a job, we had no money. I remember one day I’m driving over the bridge with my two kids in a car and I said, you know what if I only turn the wheel it’s going to be over and nobody suffers anymore. Because for me at that point I thought I can’t give anything to my kids, I don’t even know how I’m going to feed them tomorrow.

How am I going to provide any education for them or anything? How am I going to give them a home? But the thing is I’m not a suicidal person by nature so to me having that thought going through my mind was like, what’s happening, what’s going on? I went home, I went to the bedroom, I closed my door so my kids wouldn’t hear me.

And I’m sitting on the bed and pounding with my fists on the bed and I was crying. I said, God I can’t take this anymore. If you want to take this burden you take it, I can’t deal with this anymore and instantly when I said that a miracle happened. I literally felt the weight physically lifted off of my shoulders.

It was, wow and I was like, what’s happening? There was peace in my heart, pure peace, no tears anymore. It was like a totally different world. That was the moment when I realized we were going to be okay. It’s going to be okay. Of course it took several months then to resolve everything and for me to get a job and all these things but I had hope. I knew it was going to be okay.

This was really a defining moment for me to do what I’m doing today because I realized because after the first divorce I had done so much research about domestic abuse, I was absolutely sure it would never happen again. I knew about all the signs. I was teaching others and now here I am again in the same position.

So I said there was something else inside of me that I didn’t heal and that’s why I went through this again. What is it inside of me that I need to heal to never have this kind of experience again? I got on this journey of personal development and discovery, studying different techniques, how can I heal myself so then I can help others?

I also knew that the story that I went through was not going on just for me. That there was a purpose and I needed to share this and actually this story was published last year and the book became a bestseller. It was so important for me. I share my story today at my events as well and it inspires people, it lifts them up.

That’s why I know I had to go through this but this is the cornerstone of my business today because I understand what I needed to go through to be who I am today, what I needed to heal. So when I work my clients with their businesses, I totally get it. You cannot grow your business if you don’t grow yourself first because it will haunt you and it will tear you down all the time.

Unless you figure out what are the beliefs that are driving your life, what are the emotions, what are those hooks inside of you that are bringing you down constantly. I mean you are almost on the brink of success so finances, huge business growth and then you self sabotage yourself or something happens and you drop down.

It keeps happening and keeps happening and keeps happening and it will until you resolve personal stuff, what do you believe in? Just this morning I had a session with my client and he said to me, you know I had a feeling I don’t believe in myself. I said let’s figure that one out first before we go to business strategies. We need to deal with that because when you believe in yourself, everything else will be possible.

This is a long explanation about my story but this is why I’m doing today what I’m doing. I really want to help people. I understand what it means to not have faith in you, to not believe in yourself.

To being so blocked by everything that we’ve learned when we were growing up, when we were told what’s not possible, being told no so many times, being bullied and all kinds of stuff. Even as adults, that’s not over. It’s part of you, it’s still inside of you. You need to clear that up and then financial success, business success will happen.

Petra: Wow, powerful story, holy cow!
Milena: Thank you.
Petra: So you’ve published a book, what’s the name of the book?
Milena: It’s Entrepreneurial Success Stories. It’s actually multiple authors. I’m one of them and it was released last year in May.
Petra: And now you’ve started podcasting, so why podcasting?
Milena: Here’s the thing, I always wanted to have a radio show since I saw that movie, Good Morning Vietnam with Robin Williams. I don’t know how old I was. I was a kid at that time and I said I want to have a radio show. It was so inspiring that you can reach so many people at the same time and you inspire them.

They could be driving a car and they could still listen to you. So I always wanted to have a radio show but then of course in the course of building my business and I started doing videos. What happens when you are doing videos you have to make sure your hair looks great, you have perfect makeup, you have a great outfit on, right?

So everything works perfectly, the lighting needs to be perfect, the sound, it’s like oh my gosh there’s so much work to do with this. I’m still doing videos. I need to do them for my sales videos and all this stuff but podcasts are so much easier because sometimes you just have a bad hair day and on podcasts nobody cares about that.

The only thing they care about is your voice, what’s the message, how you sound and if it’s interesting enough for them to listen. That’s one of the good stuff. The other good thing is with podcasts you can literally listen to podcasts while you drive. You don’t need to stop and watch the video. I think it gives people more opportunities to be present in the episode.

I know that video has tremendous power because it’s the visual aspect as well when you see a person and you connect with that person, it definitely has huge power. It’s just that podcasting is again another thing we can do to access a lot of people at the same time and to give them an opportunity to listen to that even when they are on the go.

Petra: I have never done podcasting so for me it would be okay, I haven’t got a clue how to get started with podcasting. Can you give us perhaps a step by step of what happens when you are creating a podcast?

Step by step how you are doing it so that the audience who might be considering would I want to get into video and perhaps video blogging like we are doing right now or do I want podcasting first? But they get a little bit of a feel for what it would take.

Milena: Yes, sure. There’s a little bit of a prep process before you can record your first podcast episode. First, you have to do a little bit of brainstorming and figure out, okay what is it that I want to talk about, what are the topics I’m going to cover? Then of course find a catchy title, something that will speak to people.

For title, sure you can use only your name but if you are not known yet out there like Brendon Burchard lets’ say, that’s somebody that a lot of people know. But if you are not out there yet it might be great to start with the title that speaks to people. Brendon Burchard has The Charged Life, what an awesome title that is, right?

Petra: Yes.
Milena: This is definitely you have to do a little bit of brainstorming with yourself. Another thing is you have to do the graphics. I hired someone to do the graphics for me because you do need a picture of your podcast. And again when you are doing the graphics there are certain rules you have to follow so it’s like a square picture then there’s the rule of the thirds.

One third is your face, one third is let’s say the title and then there’s another third that should be an empty space. There are just visual aspects of things that are really important. If you can find somebody to hire to do this for you it’s very easy to do. But there are colors that are important if we go into these details we can sit here for the whole day. But there are certain requirements that need to be met if you want to have really catchy image.

Petra: And just to be clear, that image is going to be on the podcast store on iTunes, for example?
Milena: Yes. That’s the image we are talking about, yes.
Petra: Consider it as if you were creating old fashioned records of your various shows you would have the cover of your record. That’s what we are talking about here.
Milena: Yes, that’s what it is. That’s the graphic that you need. So after you have these things done well now you have to figure out, okay what are the episodes going to be about? The way I’ve done it I actually recorded 10 episodes results before I even put my podcast out because I do pre-record them.

The reason I’ve done 10 episodes is because sometimes life gets busy and I might not have the time to record it live or just sit down and do it. If I have 10 episodes already done then I can just release them. My podcast is released every Thursday morning a new episode. You can have it differently, you can release them every day, you can release them once a month. It doesn’t matter.

What matters more than that is to be consistent. That’s important that you are not just throwing out one episode whenever you feel like it but that you are consistent. That’s how people start recognizing you, get used to you, okay every Friday or every Wednesday he or she’s going to put out a new episode. That’s the important part.

Another thing that you need to have for your podcast is intro and outro. Let’s say if your viewers go to my podcast they will always hear the same intro then there’s the podcast in between the episode and then it’s an outro.

The intro goes, hello my name is Milena Cerin and I’m the host of the podcast The Soul of Business and Life, a little bit about me. And then there’s an episode and at the end you get thank you for listening, tuning in and I give them a free resource at the end as well and that’s always the same.

The way I record them is I record them in Garage Band because I have Mac and I’m sure PC has an equivalent program as well that you can record them. There are multiple ways how you can do the recording. It’s great to have a mic as well for recording. It’s just a little bit better sound.

Then what you need is a platform. I use Libsyn [https://www.libsyn.com/]. This is really good for podcast hosting. I know some people also use a plug-in for the WordPress. I looked into that plug-in as well but then I decided to go with Libsyn instead. It just seems a little simpler.

Petra: And that’s the platform where your audio file is being hosted and then iTunes just refers back to it so you are not actually uploading the file into iTunes.
Milena: No, because you can’t. You can’t upload it on iTunes. You do need a hosting like Libsyn or if you—and I don’t know what’s the name for that plug-in for WordPress but there is a plug-in for WordPress, I just didn’t want to do that. I think it’s much simpler to do it with Libsyn. You pay $15 or $20 per month but it’s not that much.

You literally upload your episode on Libsyn, you put all the description there. You create your profile as well and settings which tells a little bit about you and about every podcast. And then for every other episode you have to do a title, a little bit of description again and that’s really it. Then you connect it with iTunes because you have to submit to iTunes the link to Libsyn and it automatically updates itself each time you upload a new episode.

Petra: Was there any difficulty in getting an iTunes account? Do they do a preview or something? Did you have to be authorized or something like that? Is there an approval process?
Milena: Yes. Once you submit it the first time I think I had to wait 24 or 48 hours. I can’t remember the exact time before my podcast appeared on iTunes and then it gets easier. Each episode could last you a little bit of time for an episode to be uploaded but I see it’s very fast, maybe an hour. After you are approved things happen pretty quickly.
Petra: Very cool. We talked about why you went into podcast really kind of thinking of okay less makeup time, less wardrobe issues, no lighting issues and all that so there are obviously a lot of benefits if somebody was deciding between video blogging and podcasting as something to start out with. What is your main message to your audience in your podcasts?
Milena: For me, it’s all about building leaders, creating successful businesses and living your life on purpose. I so believe that when you are creating a business that speaks to your soul that is what you are meant to do. It’s your life mission that’s when you are going to create successful business.

So many people struggle doing jobs, working, even having their own business just because it makes money but it doesn’t feed their soul and they are miserable. There’s no spark in them. There’s no passion. But if you can connect to what you really are, what you are about and then you create a business based on that, what else would you want? It’s the most beautiful thing you can imagine.

Petra: Yes, very cool. Who are your clients, on one side, so who is your audience and who are typically people that you interview? What are you looking for in your interview partners?
Milena: My main audience are business owners, they are not necessarily just business owners, there are other people listening to my podcast as well. But it was designed with business owners in mind to support them on their journey to success. Who do I interview? I love interviewing people who have great stories and have achieved extraordinary things.

It’s just amazing, I have let’s say Croix Sather. He was the one that I interviewed I think a few weeks ago. He holds a gold record for running through death valley. How does anybody achieve that? And just that philosophy, what’s going on inside of him, I think that’s inspiring.

When you give this to people, when you introduce them to people like this, now they can drop that fire that is inside of them. We say if he could do that then how can I find the same strength inside of me? What do I need to achieve, what do I need to believe in great success for myself.

Petra: Very good, very powerful. What do you think is getting in the way of people getting to their success? What’s blocking them?
Milena: It’s themselves, it really is themselves. Imagine this, imagine wanting to build a Canada-wide business and thinking of yourself as small and nobody is going to listen to you. It’s not going to happen.

Unfortunately there’s so much programming. Imagine this, when you are born you are blank, there’s nothing written there. And then parents have their limiting beliefs, they have fears they are dealing with. Then teachers come into play and they have their frustrations and everything is dumped on you.

You are like a sponge, absorbing all this stuff. Then you grow up and you suddenly go, aw life sucks. You can only do so much, you can’t have it all, I’m lazy, I’m too old to do this anyway. All those kinds of things we are telling ourselves you cannot succeed if you think those things.

It really is about unlearning what you have learned. It’s clearing stuff out, swimming through that sea of beliefs that others have put on you so you can come to a clearing where you finally recognize who you are. It’s about recognizing who you are, how extraordinary you are, how much power you have, what a beautiful person you are. And then you can achieve whatever you want.

Petra: I almost want to finish on this note but we’ve got a few more questions for you. That was quite a statement so thank you for bringing this to the video blog.
Milena: You are welcome.
Petra: Do you think that emotions are just as important as beliefs when you are building a business?
Milena: They absolutely are. You holding on to anger, resentment you are not going to get very far. The problem is people don’t understand that because nobody told them that. We weren’t taught this stuff in school and now people have started understanding that yes, thoughts are important, whatever you are thinking is important.

But emotions are still kind of in a hidden space and they don’t understand. I’m just going to give you one example. I had a client a couple of years ago. He came to me because he just couldn’t advance in his business, he was literally struggling with clients, getting clients on board.

After one month of working together we eliminated anger in that month. There were a lot of things that we shifted that month but anger was a big thing. What happened was in one month he increased his income by 664% because he let go of anger, 664%. And he’s still rising, I spoke to him a couple of months ago and he’s saying my business is going up. He says I’m so happy. It was anger. Just imagine that part.

Petra: So are the emotions triggered by the limiting beliefs or how do you feel that they are connected?
Milena: It always starts with a thought. A limiting belief is a thought. It always starts there. You cannot feel bad about yourself if you first don’t think about yourself as unworthy of something. It always starts with a thought. The thought is the one that triggers the emotion, the feeling. The problem though is as soon as they attach together they become a powerhouse. It works both ways, both in the negative and the positive way.
Petra: That is very true. So how could our listeners get in touch with you? What’s the best way to learn more from you and what you’ve got to give?
Milena: I’ve got lots of free resources on my website http://milenaemilycerin.com. I believe I’m going to probably at some point go to www.PoweredUpCoaching.com but right now it’s still http://milenaemilycerin.com.

They can listen to my podcasts, The Soul of Business and Life on iTunes and there are great resources there, great inspiration. On my website, http://milenaemilycerin.com, if they put in their information they are going to get three training videos that are going to help them with their confidence.

Petra: Excellent, thank you. I will certainly put those links below the video and so if you are watching this as a video just check the copy below it for any links to get in touch with Milena and to get access to the podcasts as well as to her free resources.

Milena, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us here today and for opening our world to think about our beliefs, to think about the feelings that we have and how that is actually impacting us as business owners. Thank you so much for being here.

Milena: Thank you so much Petra. It was a pleasure talking to you.
Petra: Bye bye.