Your Path To Recognition As A Great Place To Work®

Ingredients Of A Great Workplace

Research has shown that employees’ experiences of their workplace hinges on one primary ingredient: Trust. 

The Great Place to Work® Trust Model® is used to assess how your employees experience your workplace and how you compare to an externally-validated benchmark of your competitors around the world. 

When many organizations struggle to attract and retain the best talent, your success depends in large part on your people and your ability to innovate and maintain your employee experience. 

Employee trust is an outcome of management's credibility, respect from leaders, fairness in management practices, pride in their personal impact, and camaraderie between colleagues. 

Leaders and managers can greatly influence the level of trust in the organization. Now, listening is more important than ever. We want to support you through the Covid-19 challenges with targeted survey at no cost. Learn More >>

Great Place to Work

How To Get There:

  1. 1
    Survey Your Employees
  2. 2
    Get Certified
  3. 3
    Get on the Best Workplace lists


Great Place to Work® does annual research with more than 12 million employees from thousands of organizations in over 50 countries. You can now benchmark yourself against these Best Workplaces in the world, and learn where your strengths and opportunities lie.

Use the certification to demonstrate that you meet the standards of a Great Workplace and benefit from the globally-recognized brand. 

Most importantly, learn where you might be falling short and build on that knowledge with a customized Action Plan to meet the minimum standards and ultimately join the other Best Workplaces in the niches that are meaningful for you.

Gap Analysis


Certification is the first step to being recognized as a place where employees experience meets that of the "best of the best". The process of Survey, Culture Brief and subsequent Certification provides you with many opportunities to leverage the certification to enhance your corporate brand. 

While the certification itself is enlightening, the process of developing a healthy culture will pay back in a multitude of ways, such as increased profitability, innovation and national recognition.

Corporate Culture Validation

Best Workplace Lists

Once you are certified as a Great Place to Work®, you can be considered for one of the many Best Workplaces lists, which are defined by various criteria and are a selection of a greater pool of certified organizations. Being a Best Workplace demonstrates your strengths and differentiates your culture to potential talent, shareholders, and customers alike.

Best Workplace Lists

Building a High-Trust Culture

At Petra Mayer & Associates Consulting we support you through the three phases of the Certification process:

Preparing for Certification

We help you identify the best certification package and support you and your team in the process of surveying your employees. This may include pre-launch activities and leadership and team training. Together, we will set you up for clarity and success with your certification survey.

Understanding the Data

Data is only as useful as the insights you draw from it. We work with you and your team to understand and analyze the data you receive from the survey results and define a clearly outlined Action Plan. Our Gap Analysis will provide you with additional insights into how you can demonstrate your status as a Great Place to Work®.

Cultivating Culture Change

Understanding the results from the data will provide the insights needed to develop a customized action plan. Our experts are here to help you build a high-trust culture with change management and learning and development interventions designed for your organization. 

What We Bring To Your Project

  • We can prepare your organization for the Trust Index® Survey, guiding you through the most suitable package and the survey roll-out. 
  • Our Great Place To Work® Accredited Professional can guide you through your Culture Audit, helping you achieve best possible results towards your Best Workplace listing.
  • Let us help you develop your Action Plan to get you certified and to build on that certification with continuous improvement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need to be certified as a Great Place To Work®?

A: What a great question! Certification will be a benefit in a competitive environment to attract the best talent for your organization. It will also signal to your existing employees that you are serious about creating a trust-based work environment. This can be helpful to support your employment strategies as well as signal to partners, shareholders and of course your clients that you are a company they want to do business with. 

Q: What if we already have an employee survey?

Many organizations have an existing employee survey in place. Unfortunately, many of these available surveys don't provide you with any form of benchmarking or public recognition like that which comes with the Great Place To Work® Certification. The benefit of Great Place To Work® Trust Survey® is that you don't just get great data: once certified, you also receive the global recognition your organization deserves.

Certification opens the path to joining the various feature lists of Best Workplaces or the Best Workplace in Canada.

Maintaining your existing survey questions is also possible. Great Place To Work® can add your favourite custom survey questions or map your existing survey to the new results through GPTW. 

Q: Our organization has offices around the world. Can we still get certified in Canada?

A: Yes. Typically we work with organizations with head offices in Canada. However, we can also include your employees in other countries and then provide you with rich data filtered by the regions you serve. Talk to us about your needs and we will show you how to use the regional reports to your benefits. 

Q: Isn't all this very complicated? How will we resource it?

A: It does not have to be complicated. We start with a survey of your employees. Depending on the size of your organization, we may only need to sample your staff and we can still get highly reliable data. Once the results are in, we will work with you towards your certification. Some organizations report achieving certification in a matter of weeks -- wouldn't that be an accomplishment for the year? Even when there is an opportunity for improvement, we will work with you to identify the gaps and put an Action Plan in place. 

Let us help you with your Culture Audit for the best opportunities to get certified quickly and move your company to the Best Workplaces lists. Contact Us for a no-obligation consultation.

Q: What do we need to do to get on the Best Workplaces list?

A: First, you need to get certified as a Great Place To Work®. This happens through a successful employee survey and a Culture Brief. 

Once you're Certified, you can apply to be added to the feature Best Workplaces lists.

Complete the Culture Audit to be considered for the Best Workplaces Canada lists. And don't worry: we are here to guide you through the entire process!

Q: Our Executive Team is only interested in the bottom line. How can we help them see the value?

A: An organization is only as good as its people. A trust-based environment helps your employees do their best work. In an analysis of 2019 Stock Performance of the Fortune 100 Best Workplaces versus the FTSE Russell 300 index, Best Workplaces provide more than three times the return on investment. And that is consistent over the years. 

Show your Executive Team the data and they will be keen to learn more. Fill in the form below and get in touch so we can chat about your plans to become a certified Great Place To Work®.  

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