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Guest Blogging

In my last post I provided you with the first good reason for blogging – enhancing the SEO for your website. Today I want to bring this to the next level with this article on Guest Blogging. Impact of Guest Blogging on SEO Having blog articles on the web outside of your website with links […]

Good reasons for blogging

Blogging is time consuming but it is time well spent. Why? There are many good reasons for blogging and in this mini-series I will be looking at five good reasons for blogging. Let’s see of they convince you! Blogging and the impact on SEO Search Engine Optimization, lovingly referred to as SEO, will benefit from […]

Is The Internet Under Attack?

Attack by DDoS We all know that there are attacks on company websites, but it really only hits you, when your own website is under attack. At least for me, hacker attacks became a reality this week, when my website had to be shut down due to a DDoS attack. So, is the internet under […]

The Mobile Strategy Pyramid

Mobile Strategy is placed on a continuum along five main levels from basic Content Delivery to Mobile Empowerment. Introducing the Mobile Strategy Pyramid In this diagram I show the continuum on which your business’s Mobile Strategy  is placed now and in the future. You may be straddling across multiple levels or you are firmly placed […]

You Cannot Escape the Mobile Future

The prediction that “Mobile will Change your Business” might evoke a love-hate feeling to the Mobile Future. You might love it, because you yourself enjoy the convenience of your smartphone but you might also hate the thought of unprecedented change to your business that you have to create. The top trends: Forrester Research has analyzed […]

Do you need a Mobile Strategy?

The question if you need a Mobile Strategy is quite common. So let me start with defining what Mobile Strategy entails – at least in my eyes… Mobile Strategy Defined Mobile Strategy is the manifestation of your Content Strategy in the Mobile Market place. In everyday language this means that Mobile Strategy defines how you […]

Information Management

Information management is key to customer satisfaction A recent experience during a trip to Europe made me think very carefully about customer service and client expectation. I was flying back from Germany via London, UK to Vancouver during a bad weather spell on the East Coast of North America. The trip started out as normal […]