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Information Management

Information management is key to customer satisfaction A recent experience during a trip to Europe made me think very carefully about customer service and client expectation. I was flying back from Germany via London, UK to Vancouver during a bad weather spell on the East Coast of North America. The trip started out as normal […]

Mothers – the Ultimate Managers!

As I am writing this I am on board of a flight to San Francisco. In the row in front are two young mothers with their toddlers. I am amazed at how they are “managing” their children, attending to every need that is expressed or simply anticipated. Juggling coffee cup, water bottle, juice cup, snacks, […]

Developing your Winning Logo

Are you just at the onset of your business and you need a logo? But you’re not a graphic designer so you need some help to create your logo and branding. And you just can’t decide which graphic designer to go with and you’re concerned about the cost? That is definitely how I felt before […]

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