Calculated Risk-Taking for Entrepreneurs

On a recent trip to Reno, Nevada, where I had a client commitment, I did something I have been wanting to do for a very, very long time: I took a Glider Flight. And then I thought about the risk that would mean for me, and, given that gliders are built to fly without engines, I thought this really is a “calculated risk”. And then it dawned on me:

Entrepreneurs take calculated risks all the time to build their business.

Entrepreneurs are always stepping out of their comfort zone, expanding their horizons and as a result, build their business.

In my area of expertise, I help entrepreneurs to build their business by incorporating Online Courses and Group Programs into their service offering.

What is the calculated risk in this? It costs time and money to put the energy into the creation of programs. They require commitment and they need to be prioritized and that puts other things on a lower priority, potentially costing short-term revenue or require increased effort until the programs are launched.

In this short video, you will not only learn about those calculated risks, but you will also see some wonderful scenery directly from the glider flight above Lake Tahoe. Join me on this ride on the glider and consider how taking a calculated risk like this in your business can make you fly like an eagle!

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Petra Mayer, Petra Mayer Consulting Online Strategy Made Easy.

And, what you see behind me is the shack of Soaring Nevada in Minden at the Minden/Tahoe Airport

You might think: What is this? You normally speak from beautiful places and it does not look all that beautiful right now.

But, hopefully, it will be, once I’m getting up in the air. The topic I am speaking to you today about is “risk-taking”.

Without taking some risks, you cannot build your business. Without taking some risks you cannot explore new things in your life. So I’m taking a little risk today. I call it “calculated risk”, by going on a glider ride. Something, I’ve always wanted to do.

So I will see everything from the Eagle’s perspective. Now, what does that have to do with building your business and creating online programs and group programs?

Well, without taking a little bit of a risk, meaning without making some investments and some commitment into that part of your business you’re not going to soar like an Eagle. You’re not going to build that business that you have in mind. So take some risks in your business just the way I’m doing today. Calculated risks! Something that you know can work out for you and that you can build your business on.

Taking risks with online courses means that you’re investing some time and some money into building group programs and online courses that ultimately can help you to achieve that “Freedom Business” where you can soar high above all others.

So, I will show you what that looks like from the air.

That is awesome! Oh Wow!

That is just so cool!

Wow! I can already feel how the wind is kind of lifting us!

And we still have quite a way to go. W’re at 9,000 feet.

Almost ready to let go!

Off he goes! Uhhh we’re going too!

Ha, ha, ha. Oh my gosh!Off goes our lead plane! Ohh!

I’m back on solid ground now in Carlson City here in Nevada. And I had an awesome flight.

This was just amazing. But I was stretching myself. I am actually afraid of heights and being in this tiny little airplane, looking straight down was definitely something that was beyond my comfort zone. But I enjoyed it thoroughly.

The same thing happens when we are growing our business. We tend to get out of our comfort zone. And we have to do that. In order to getting our growth. Because if we always do what we always do, we’re not going to get anything else. So I encourage you to think outside your comfort zone and to look into that next step that you can make to grow your business and to start soaring like an eagle. I would love to support you and I encourage you to contact me for a “Online Breakthrough Session” or just a chat to find out what might help you to grow your business. To get more freedom in your life and more freedom in your business. I’d love to support you.

Until then – To Your Strategy!

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